Shore Group

The Dunbar Shore and Harbour Neighbourhood Group was formally constituted on 18 February 2011. The aims of the group are to :

a) positively contribute to the environmental improvement initiatives in the neighbourhood.
b) initiate and support new environmental improvements in the neighbourhood.
c) safeguard and promote the interests of tenants and residents in the neighbourhood on matters concerning housing and social and community life.
d) uphold equal opportunities and work towards good relations amongst all members of the community.
Membership is open to all who live or work in the shore and harbour neighbourhood area broadly captured by:

  • The harbours and those who live around Dunbar Harbour
  • Victoria Street
  • Lamer Street/Shore Street/Woodbush
  • Woodbush Brae
  • Church Street
  • Castle Street

It costs nothing to join and meetings are currently held every month currently via Zoom . If you would like a copy of the agenda prior to the meeting please contact Pippa Swan at:

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