Harbour Safety

Port Marine Safety Code

All harbour authorities in this country are required to ensure there are safe and efficient marine operations in their harbours. Dunbar Harbour Trust is proud of its compliance with this code.

In its work to improve the safety of the harbour, Dunbar Harbour Trust is greatly assisted by Captain Ron Bailey, our designated person, (which is the Code’s description of someone who is suitably qualified to give an independent view as to whether Dunbar Harbour Trust is meeting the requirements of the Code).

The regular work of the Directors and Harbourmaster include –

  • Acting in accordance with the Safety Management System
  • regular reviews of the risk assessments and safe methods of working
  • an annual safety plan
  • an annual safety review

Safety policies

In support of the above there are formal policies on –

  • Health & safety
  • Fire
  • Evacuation

General policies

Dunbar Harbour is a friendly and active harbour. It is also small. General policies look after the health and well-being of all who work and visit the harbour, and manage the inter-action of people at the harbour. These policies include –

  • Behaviour at the harbour
  • Environmental
  • Equal opportunities
  • CCTV
  • Safeguarding
  • Advertising
  • General Data protection Regulation
  • Fuel purchasing
  • Use of the hardstanding
  • Creel storage
  • Potato box storage