Unexpected visitors: 1938 Lagonda, V12 'Le Mans' Two-seater, NPJ 680, chassis no. SS 19221. Pre-production prototype, Factory press car, '100-miles-in-the-hour' national record holder. A quite remarkable piece of automotive engineering, the W. O. Bentley-designed Lagonda V12 was one of the outstanding British models of its day and one of the exclusive handful of 1930s road cars that could exceed 100mph in standard tune.

The magnificent, 4½-litre, V12 engine produced sufficient torque to endow the car with a walking-pace-to-maximum capability in top gear. In October 1938, Earl Howe set a new national record by covering 101.5 miles at Brooklands in a single hour, despite having to stop to change a burst tyre. WW2 prematurely ended production.

Also, two early Fords, and their proud owners, visited from Arbroath and stopped by at Cromwell Harbour for a chat and a breath of Dunbar's fresh air.

Photos by Kenny Maule: Lagonda.

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