The Chick family are travelling ‘Round the UK on a Tenner a Day’ – not only for the great experience, but to raise money for CatZero and they are doing it all in their 1968 Morris Traveller. They stopped at Dunbar on May 12th and received a warm welcome from harbour-users who offered a hot shower and dinner BUT the Royal Mac had already offered the same! They were bowled over.


The family had departed Hull Marina on April 30, to travel the coastline of the country in ‘Mo’ their campervan, living every day on only £10 (£5 for food, £5 for fuel). They aim to raise thousands of pounds for CatZero. Mum is Jem, dad is Dave and then there’s Gracie, 15; Evan, 13 and Irys,11.

“This adventure will certainly be a challenge,” says mum Jem “being squashed into a tiny space, for possibly up to eight months, wearing the same clothes, eating a lot less than we’re used to, and never quite knowing what’s round the next bend. But we’re up for it.” They all agree.

“We have set ourselves the target of raising £49,000 which will put fourteen young people through one of CatZero’s 12-week programmes,” said Jem.

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(photos by Kenny Maule)