Pedro Duran, from Spain, competing in Dunbar's annual European Stone Stacking Championships

Competitors combined skill and artistic creativity to come up with gravity-defying constructions.

April 20th: On the Eye Cave Beach, Saturday’s competition involved the most stones balanced vertically in 30 minutes.

April 21st: Sunday’s battle was on artistic merit: Competitors created anything from any stones or objects during a three hour period.

“Stone stacking is one of the most ancient art forms. It may go back to the beginning of mankind,” explained organizer James Craig Page, “The skills required to become an expert balancer artist are patience, focus, a love of nature and an unwillingness to be unhappy any more.” Inspirational!

The overall winner was France’s “SP Ranza”, as well as winning the Quantity category.

The winner in the Artistic category was The Netherlands’ Marianne Winter

Photo credit AFP-JIJI