Thank you for completing the Harbour Trust Online Questionnaire.
256 responses were received online which, together with the 30+ we took on John Muir Day and a similar hard copy response from local residents, has resulted in over 300 views being expressed to the Trust on the improvements we could make to the harbour environment.
We thank you for your input which has been invaluable in prioritising projects in our forthcoming Harbour Improvement Plan which we are currently consulting the harbour community on. Your input has also been part of our funding submission for works to the Battery to the Viridor Legacy:Scotland fund. We will be publishing our submission document on the Dunbar Harbour Trust website in due course.
I now attach a copy of the summary details of the on-line questionnaire.


The Trust sought the views of the community in a consultation period in April/May 2014 and the feedback has categorically stated that the Trust could do more to improve the physical environment to attract locals and visitors to the harbour.
The Trust undertook a public survey at the Battery on John Muir Day to capture the views of visitors to the harbour on the special day in 2014 which saw the opening of the new John Muir Way by the First Minister.
We adapted the survey to produce an online questionnaire to ask the community for their views on the improvements they would like to see in and around the harbours and specifically within the Battery which forms the basis of our application to Viridor. This was advertised in the local press, and on local social networking sites, with an article on our plan to improve the harbour area and why the Trust wanted the views of the community to shape the proposals. Over 250 people took the time to complete this survey – a summary of the results are shown on the following pages.
We also delivered hard copies of this survey in a mailshot to over 100 local residents of the harbour area to ensure that the most immediately affected population could have their views expressed. Hard copy invitations to complete the survey were also delivered to the local retailers on the High Street.

The link to the survey was also e-mailed to a number of local groups including:

  • Local Councillors
  • Members of the Community Council
  • Dunbar Fishermen’s Association
  • Dunbar Sailing Club
  • Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club
  • Dunbar Sea Cadets
  • RNLI crew members
  • Dunbar History Society
  • Dunbar Shore and Harbour Neighbourhood Group members
  • Friends of Winterfield
  • Tree scheme group
  • Lochend Woods residents group
  • Dunbar Arts Trust
  • North Light Arts
  • Dunbar Traders Association
  • Sustaining Dunbar
  • Other members of the general public who had expressed an interest to the DHT

In total, we have over 300 responses to the 10-question survey. The survey has helped the Trust prioritise the projects within the application for funding.

The Trust values the time individuals have taken to complete the detailed survey and this offered a real insight to what the Community wanted from their harbour and their views on the improvements to the Battery.

Catchment of Views
The vast majority of the survey returns were completed by local residents. Online this was over 85% while on John Muir Day this varied considerably. This allows the Trust to say with some confidence that the views of the local community have been
actively sought and their views have been considered. Harbour Visits Most people who completed the survey visit the harbour regularly – over 50% at least every week with a further 23% at least once a month. It is also clear from the purpose of their visit, that the majority see the harbour as a destination for a walk and regularly visit to see the boats and historic features in the harbour. This allows the Trust to take the views of the people who visit and enjoy the harbour on board. Happily, nearly 80% of the people who visit the harbour would recommend to others to do so.

Harbour Improvements
The majority of the survey returns recognise that as a working harbour any improvements we make cannot detrimentally affect the working fishermen and commercial craft who use the harbour. While Question 5 was criticised for being confusing it what it was asking, the response to Question 6 nearly unanimously states that the Trust should be doing more to attract locals and visitors to the harbour
– only 3% of responses disagreed. By far, the most positive responses were received for the improvements people wanted to see in the
harbour – most agreed with the choices the Trust had suggested with the most popular being a place to buy fresh fish, a café and toilets, and improvements to be made to the historic features in the harbour.

Battery Improvements
The Trust then asked for specific improvements to the Battery, and again this provoked a good response with very strong support to protect the structure, improve the access and keep the Battery as an open, public space – the latter being most peoples top priority. Respondants were less
supportive of new uses within the Battery and while some of this can be put down to the a resistance to change, the Trust has taken these views on board and the proposals reflect this lighter touch to the improvements. The least popular was the creation of a new building within the Battery. As noted above, the top priorities from the survey responses was to maintain the open nature of the Battery, to protect it’s structure and to improve the access – all of which over 70% of people put in their top 3. Least popular was the construction of a new building, and the erection of a viewing platform which over 60% of respondants put in their bottom 3.

The Trust has developed the views of the public to create a proposal which repairs and protects the Battery’s fabric and keeps the structure an open public space with better access and improved health and safety. New elements compliment this and do not change the fundamental character of the Battery.