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Harbour Walls - repairs in the last few years

Over the last few years DHT has been successful in getting Marine Scotland Fisheries Grant under their Emergency Harbour repair fund.

This is summarised below

  • Autumn 2012    £20k    For storm damage at entrance to harbour (void of 60m3)
  • Spring 2013    £100k    Underpinning of the outer North Wall and minor repairs at Cromwell Harbour
  • Autumn 2013    £64k    Repairs at entrance to harbour and completion of underpinning
  • Spring 2014      £49.5k Repairs to inner wall at 5 locations including major voids adjacent to the bridge
  • Spring 2015      £25k    Repairs to Cromwell Harbour outer wall and parapets also South Wall

Total funding applied for projects successfully caried out £260k

As part of the above grants a number of condition surveys/reports have been carried out on all the walls in the harbours by consultants Arch Henderson.

These surveys identify defects in the walls and prioritise them into red (highest) orange (medium) and green (lowest). From this information a plan of repairs has been prepared for the next 3 years.

£12k of DHT funds was used to repair erosion at the Battery, inside the North Wall, harbour steps, slipway and on small joint repairs.

These projects need to be identified, costed, funding applied for and contractors found and negotiated with and the work overseen.

When emergency wall breaches occur thy require a swift response and all of the above still needs to be done but within a much shorter time frame.