These are the websites for general government and RYA advice. You may need to refer them as the rules update, or even improve:--





Arriving in the UK by recreational boat

Some UK ports have introduced requirements for vessels (including recreational boats) arriving from outside the UK to complete and submit a health declaration on arrival. The requirements have been notified via local notices to mariners. Check local notices to mariners regularly for updated instructions.

Recreational boating abroad

In response to the escalating situation, the Government has issued guidance for British people travelling and living overseas during the coronavirus pandemic. In its exceptional travel advisory notice, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) now advises British people against all non-essential travel worldwide. This advice (issued on 17/03/2020) took effect immediately and applies initially for a period of 30 days.

The RYA advises recreational boaters to follow this advice from the UK Government because we are aware that crossing national borders, including on a recreational craft, may lead to an imposed period of self-isolation or to compulsory quarantine which may be in a location determined by the country you have arrived in rather than on board your boat. That is if you are allowed to land at all.