Dunbar Harbour Trust

Safety Review


Dunbar Harbour Trust formally reviews its safety record at the first Board Meeting after the end of the year as part of its commitment to the Port Marine Safety Code. The aim of this review is to identify any trends that may guide the Trust to find new ways to improve the safety of the harbour.

2016 Safety Review

The incident log for 2016 shows –

27 25/03/16 Boat cradle collapses Completed
28 06/05/16 Boat drifts from mooring chain Completed
29 12/05/16 Dive boat sinks in the harbour Completed
30 09/05/16 Weed killer sprayed on visitor Completed
31 22/5/16 Attempted Theft of Outboards Completed
32 28/5/16 Climbing on the castle Completed
33 29/05/16 Swimmers in the harbour Completed
34 7/7/16 Tender capsize with 1 person boarding Completed
35 24.7/16 Fishermen’s stores fire Completed
36 31/7/16 Slipway launches RNLI rescue Completed
37 15/8/16 Tombstoning Completed
38 19/8/16 Tombstoning Completed
39 1/10/16 Tender capsize with 3 people boarding Completed

  • There were 13 incidents in the year (2015 -13)

  • There were no RIDDOR reportable incidents ( 2015 – 1)

The greatest risks centred round the behaviour of the young people of the town, mainly in the summer months. The number of incident reports does not reflect the occasions when children were tombstoning, jumping off the North Wall or swimming in a harbour used by commercial fishermen. The decision to ask the harbourmaster to address the schoolchildren before the summer holidays may make a difference in 2017.

There is concern at the facilities that are provided for the elderly sailors in the harbour. Action will be taken to repair the North Wall steps before the 2017 Craning In Day.

The most serious incident was the sinking of the dive boat. Greater vigilance at low water to spot and remove potential hazards will reduce this risk area.

Most likely to cause serious damage to persons or property:

  1. Falls from climbing

  2. Run down by vessel entering harbour while diving or swimming

  3. Trips on uneven surfaces

Looking at the maritime hazards only these were ranked:

  1. Operational planning error – grounding (especially when moving from Victoria Harbour into the Broadhaven)

  2. Unplanned movement of berthed vessel resulting in collision or sinking.

  3. Unexpected tidal conditions, including swell – collision with quayside (especially in the harbour entrance)

 Better reporting will result in better analysis of the root cause of any problem and thence better action plans, so this remains a key objective.


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