The Dunbar Harbour Charges have been updated for 2017 and are also available as a PDF file in the downloads column on the right.

Harbour Charges: Year commencing 01 April 2017

All vessels in Dunbar Harbour are charged on the same basis, using a Basic Charge Rate multiplied by the vessel length. There is a minimum charge based on a 6m length, and a maximum charge based on a 12m length.

The Basic Charge Rate for 2017 will be £42.51 per metre.


  1. Vessels up to and including 6.0m length £255.06
  2. Vessels exceeding 6.0m length £255.06 + £42.51/m for length > 6.0m (to a maximum charge level of £510.12)
  3. Vessels paying mooring charges to another harbour may receive a discount, not exceeding the amount of this additional charge, of up to 25% of the above charges, provided that written proof of payment of a second mooring charge is submitted with the annual application and that there has been a track record of landings fees having been paid each month during 2016/17
  4. Fishing Vessels pay additional landing dues amounting to 2.0% of the catch value.
  5. (Prior arrangements for payments to the Trust must be made by owner and merchant)
  6. A Commercial Passenger (Local) vessel with an annual mooring in Dunbar Harbour requires an annual Permit to Operate costing £34.00
  7. In addition there is a Charge per Trip of £12.50 for the first 25 trips and £8.00 for any additional trips.
  8. A Commercial Passenger (Visitor) Mooring & Permit to Operate is £40.00 per day plus a Charge per Trip of £12.00
  9. Visiting Vessels up to and including 10m pay £17.00 per night mooring fee. Over 10m £22.00 per night mooring fee
  10. Hardstanding (October to April) costs £6.02/m (in addition to the annual mooring fee)
  11. (Vessels on hardstanding maintenance area at Cromwell Harbour are allowed four weeks free of charges for essential repairs. Monthly rate thereafter is £1.03/m in addition to the annual mooring fee))
  12. Day Launching costs £11.00 per day
  13. Seasonal Launching (April-Nov inclusive) costs £103.00
  14. Rowing Club Skiffs £112.27 each, includes mooring, launching, and hardstanding.
  15. Sea Cadets - no charge.

(All charges are inclusive of VAT, where applicable)


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