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Look out for these busy, little, noisy birds. Redshanks need to feed along the waterline for shrimps, snail and worms and skitter about nervously, in and out of the wavelets.

Here, in our harbour, their only opportunity is near low tide in Broadhaven; pretty birds with a distinctive, shrill, piping call "tew, tew". You'll see them in winter and summer.

photo by Kenny Maule

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You may not remember the 'Beast from the East' but storms remember you!

Winter Resilience handout   https://www.readyscotland.org/

Here is a ‘Winter Resilience’ handout with some useful tips and links to help you plan for the forthcoming weather conditions over winter. The best community resilience plan is to ensure that we are prepared ourselves but that we are also aware of any neighbours who may need support if the weather suddenly gets bitter or there is a power cut.  

Do you know who your neighbours are? Are some old or frail or single with small children?

We wish you a warm winter!

photo by Kenny Maule

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Dunbar RNLI's crew-members, Gordon Mackay and Rebecca Miller, can be seen "braving the elements aboard our all-weather lifeboat as they feature in the RNLI's new video to highlight our new national 'Perfect Storm' fundraising campaign. In today's challenging climate we need your help more than ever. A little can go a long way to help saving lives at sea." Watch the video:  


Also Rebecca (Becs) is sailing on a transatlantic adventure !!!!! More info next month.

photo and video courtesy Dunbar RNLI

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MPV Hirta is often seen off Dunbar. Did you ever wonder why she's here? Easily spotted, she's a military-looking vessel and all MPVs have a sharp slash of black/yellow colour down their sides. MPV Hirta is our newest fishery protection vessel. Built in Gdansk, Poland she entered service in 2008. She is 84 metres in length and has a gross tonnage of 2,181, with a crew of 17, top speed of 18 knots and is used mainly for offshore enforcement tasks.

Britain's sea fisheries have been protected by authority of Parliament for nearly 200 years, but in 1882 responsibility for Scottish waters was given to the Fishery Board for Scotland.

The first Board vessel was a former Royal Navy sailing cutter "Vigilant", which had worked for some years on protection tasks. Over the years, new ships were added to the fishery protection fleet. Currently Marine Scotland Compliance has three Marine Protection Vessels (MPVs):

Further info: https://www2.gov.scot/Topics/marine/Compliance/resources/Vessels

photo courtesy Marine Traffic

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Most of our readers will know Veronica Davies from her legendary fund-raising efforts over more than twenty years with our lifeboats. She has recently been awarded a place on the Scottish Council for the RNLI. The Council selected suitable candidates and then those applications went to The Board of Trustees in Poole for the final selection process.

Veronica's story: "My Great Great Grandfather Walter Fairbairn was Coxswain of Dunbar and Skateraw Lifeboat and was awarded the RNLI Silver medal for gallantry. I became involved partly due to my own family history and my husband's family history with Dunbar RNLI plus the fact that my husband and eldest son are both fisherman; also I lost my cousin to the sea thus realising the importance of this vital voluntary service. In 1998 I began helping by collecting tombola prizes for the Lifeboat Fete, then became Secretary in 2004 and Chair of Fundraising in 2008. I am extremely thrilled and excited to have been successful in my appointment and I am sure that I will do Dunbar Lifeboat Station proud."

Over the years, Veronica has been awarded a bronze badge, a silver badge and an RNLI Excellence Award for fundraising and last year received a Citizen Award from Dunbar Community Council for services to the community. She hopes to bring fresh ideas to the fundraising, operational and strategic aims of the RNLI in Scotland.

photo courtesy Veronica Davies

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Congratulations to The Outsiders (Tadg, Maggie, Ann and Pippa) who triumphed in the Dunbar Lifeboat Quiz last night in a closely fought contest.
Thanks to all the teams who took part, to our quiz master Derek, to Pat Wilson and her team for organising and to the staff at Dunbar Bowling Club for being such great hosts.

photo courtesy RNLI fb

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Well-known local photographer, Fraser Stewart, has often contributed images to these Harbour Newsletters. He now has an exhibition: 'Faces of Dunbar', Oct. 16 - Nov. 10 at John Muir’s Birthplace, on the High Street. "This exhibition is a range of my photographic work of the many facets of Dunbar. It is a study of the diverse communities within a small coastal town. Dunbar is surrounded by beautiful nature and is a joy to explore and live in. Yet it is the people who provide the dynamic of the town, creating employment, starting up organisations and social groups. This exhibition captures all aspects of our unique community."

Since Fraser moved to Dunbar in 2010 he has "captured the moment" rather than composing photos. This photo illustrates a young girl modelling Jacqui Burke's wedding outfits in Cromwell Harbour area, someone said something amusing and she burst out laughing.

photo by Fraser Stewart

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Passing the Battery: a small skein, only 120 geese. Some geese are resident, mainly at Aberlady Bay, and honk their way over Dunbar to feed in the fields behind. Others migrate enormous distances. During the autumn- and early-winter mornings, geese move from these roost sites to stubble fields, where they will feed upon spilt grain. Late afternoon sees the return flight to their roost sites.

When in flight, geese are called a skein; when not in flight, a gaggle; and when flying in a V formation, they are referred to as a wedge.

Read more at https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/bird-and-wildlife-guides/ask-an-expert/previous/pinkfeet.aspx#tCAB0f4ioWU0cFqU.99

photos by Kenny Maule

Click <READ MORE> for photo 2, passing the Battery

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Pix in the Stix had a full house at the Battery. Alastair Seagroatt said: "Thank you, everyone, for supporting our open-air cinema at Dunbar on Saturday 28th Sept. It was a beautiful, mainly-still night and the audience response was superb. Our autumn films in East Linton will start again soon; we’ll let you know the films after our next meeting. Many thanks again." www.pixinthestix.org.uk/ "Get your name on their mailing list":--     

FB, www.facebook.com/pages/category/Movie-Theater/Pix-in-the-Stix-186782084695454/ 

photo courtesy Pix in the Stix


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Sailing Club's Craning-out Day Monday 7th Oct. The autumn crane-out went extremely smoothly and efficiently. It was a great spectacle with yachts being craned out and 'flown' through the air. The marshals, wearing their hi-vis vests, ensured a safe completion, despite a strong wind.

photos courtesy Paul Ingram (Sailing Club Commodore)

Click <READ MORE> for photo of Kilmaha airborne.

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