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Photo above: “Hey, Kevin, mind yon wee castle, wid ye?”

Sea Breeze spent two weeks on the hard, being repaired and prepared for sea.

A great view for passers-by and a lot of work for Kevin but well worth the effort!

Click “READ MORE” for a photo of Sea Breeze airborne



(photos by Kenny Maule, courtesy Kevin Keillor)

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This recent, three-week construction work caused the slipway to remain closed until Friday 10th May and vessel restrictions were applied to movements within the harbour due to diver and crane activity. The RNLI work-crew apologise for the inconvenience caused over the three weeks of construction but the safety of those who use Dunbar harbour and the surrounding sea-area has now been improved as a result of this useful work.

Photo above shows Denholm inspecting the ramp. 

Click “READ MORE” for a photo of the tidying up.

(photos by Kenny Maule)


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May 26th 2019; Meet at 9.30am for dep.10am --5:00 pm. estimated time 5-6 hours, distance 12 miles approx. Pirates of the East Coast, sponsored walk from North Berwick to Dunbar Battery along the John Muir Way. Meet at Seabird Centre, North Berwick. Register: https://bit.ly/2Ur8RQj or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 10th--23rd are the proposed dates for making the #LitterCUBES in Dunbar.

June 15, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm: THE THREE CRAWS RETURN...

June 17th; 11-- 2:00 pm. Fourth annual gathering of the East Lothian Archaeological, History and Genealogy Group. Site visit and tour of the Dunbar Battery.

June 22, 2019 Bands at the Battery



July 3rd Wed. 11am-3pm.   Environmental Open Day

July 13th. RNLI Lifeboat Day

August 17th. 2--6pm, Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival


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Pedro Duran, from Spain, competing in Dunbar's annual European Stone Stacking Championships

Competitors combined skill and artistic creativity to come up with gravity-defying constructions.

April 20th: On the Eye Cave Beach, Saturday’s competition involved the most stones balanced vertically in 30 minutes.

April 21st: Sunday’s battle was on artistic merit: Competitors created anything from any stones or objects during a three hour period.

“Stone stacking is one of the most ancient art forms. It may go back to the beginning of mankind,” explained organizer James Craig Page, “The skills required to become an expert balancer artist are patience, focus, a love of nature and an unwillingness to be unhappy any more.” Inspirational!

The overall winner was France’s “SP Ranza”, as well as winning the Quantity category.

The winner in the Artistic category was The Netherlands’ Marianne Winter

Photo credit AFP-JIJI

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The Rowing Club’s ‘Black Agnes’ has just completed a rebuild, done with great care by crew-members, and recently took to the water again.




Next stop: a transit of the Caledonian Canal, taking five days from Fort William to Inverness.

Click READ MORE to see how to row through the castle’s hidden arch.

photo 1 by Kenny Maule

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Painting of yellow bollards and ladders.

The 'Cooncil' recently sent men to Victoria Harbour to paint harbourside bollards and ladders in a spring-like bright yellow; this will aid mariners, especially visiting mariners.

photos by Kenny Maule  

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Johnny practices his macrame: "whit a guddle, man"

Winter has finished and, despite wind and rain, a lot of maintenance has been completed so the leisure boats were craned in on 12th April.

The Sailing Club organises this tricky series of manoeuvres and, as usual, it was completed in good time, and safely too.

Luckily it was Friday the 12th, not Friday the 13th.

photos by Kenny Maule

Click READ MORE to see Davey's boat fly-y--y-y- - -

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A sponsored walk from North Berwick Harbour to Dunbar Harbour. 

Would you like to participate in a sponsored walk to help us raise funds for our annual Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival where peculiar pirates visit every year?

A fabulous and free annual community event!

Event Details: Voodz, the vicious pirate will lead you along the John Muir Way with her villainous friends to occupy lands and vanquish our rivals. Argh mateys, are you up for the challenge?  Register here:    https://bit.ly/2Ur8RQj

Location: North Berwick Harbour to Dunbar Harbour, along the John Muir Way (approx. 12 miles)

Date:Sun 26th May  Time: 10:15 departure. Meet outside the Seabird Centre, North Berwick at 9:30 approx. 

Another way to register contact the organiser email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Confirmation of your registration and a sponsor form will be sent to you after you register.

photos by Fraser Stewart

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Bob Clunas has returned briefly to Dunbar, fettled his ‘fifie’ Marean and and is ready to sail 330 miles to his new home in Helmsdale by crossing Scotland twice using three Scottish canals, routing via:





  • The North Sea,
  • Firth of Forth,
  • Forth-Clyde canal,
  • Firth of Clyde,
  • Sound of Bute,
  • Crinan canal,
  • Firth of Lorne,
  • Loch Linnhe, passing Ben Nevis,
  • Caledonian canal,
  • Moray Firth,
  • finally completing his voyage on the North Sea to Helmsdale.

Click READ MORE for a map of his route.

photo 1 by Kenny Maule and photo 2 from googlemaps. 

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Recently a humpback whale was washed on Tyninghame Beach, entangling ropes still attached, already dead. Apparently it was the whale seen several weeks ago entangled in creel ropes in the Forth and seems to have drowned when it lost control of its surfacing ability.



The RNLI Inshore (ILB) floated it off the beach, the Offshore (OLB) slowly towed it to Skateraw. Two tractors pulled it above the waterline where the scientists dissected it on the beach and veterinary pathologist Dr Andrew Brownlow performed a necropsy. As a result of the entanglement, the whale lost condition and was therefore more susceptible to the effects of infection and parasitism, which debilitated it further. The lungs evidenced that it had eventually drowned, either through exhaustion, or because it became further entangled. Entanglements are a relatively rare occurrence in Scottish waters but can pose a threat to human safety also.

This humpback is estimated to be 9m long, weighing around 8 tonnes (adults range in length from 12–16 m and weigh around 25–30 tonnes).

Dunbar’s harbourmaster and the fishermen are working with the Scottish Entanglement Alliance (SEA) dedicated to promoting and protecting Scotland’s wildlife, heritage, and sustainable marine industries. SEA will work closely with the Scottish inshore fishing industry to provide an engagement programme to understand the scale and impact of marine animal entanglements in our waters, and work towards developing strategies to reduce this threat. https://www.scottishentanglement.org/

Very sad.

photos by Kenny Maule


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