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Over the period January to March repairs have been carried out to the East Pier at Cromwell Harbour by contractor A G Thomson of Dunbar. The harbour dates back to the 16th Century with links to both Battle of Dunbar in 1650 and the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745.

 Since then to the present day it has been a safe haven for the fishing fleet/leisure craft when the swell is too much in Victoria harbour.  It is a Historic Scotland grade 2 listed structure. Following detailed inspection by Structural Engineers (Arch Henderson) three areas of the East Pier were identified that needed strengthening by grout injection into the core which involved 60 m3 of special grout and took 8 weeks to inject. The repairs were mainly around an area about half way out the east pier where it changes direction and close to the steps where Sir John Cope landed 2000 red coats in support of Bonne Prince Charlie in 1745 .

 Funding has been provided by Historic Scotland, Viridor Credits and Marine Scotland at an overall cost of £100,000. This is all part of the Harbour Improvement Plan being coordinated by the Dunbar Harbour Trust. In the next couple of months further work to the walkway parapet & other areas around Cromwell will be carried out

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Boats will be craned into the harbour on Friday 7th April from 0900hrs. Contract crane hire is arranged by Dunbar Sailing Club.





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A huge gull of the frozen North, the Glaucous Gull breeds across most of the high Arctic. The glaucous and the Iceland Gulls have been seen in the harbour recently.





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The project to create a new focal point in the harbour area and a new public space for the town has been completed.

Dunbar Battery is one of the iconic sites in Dunbar Harbour and better use of it, and access to it, will allow more people to visit & enjoy the setting and the spectacular views from it of the town and the Firth of Forth.

Those wishing to book the site for a musical, drama or dance event (or for any other appropriate purpose) can exoress an interest on dunbarbattery.org.uk

Appreciation is acknowledged to Viridor Credits, Historic environment Scotland and East Lothian Council whoce financial support made this project possible.

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The Kittiwake is the most oceanic gull and the individuals from our breeding colonies spend roughly half of the year at sea. From February till August Dunbar Harbour is home to the largest man-made Kittiwake colony in Scotland situated in the ruins of Dunbar Castle. Kittiwake nests are found on vertical or over-hanging rock faces. The nests are of compacted mud, grass or seaweed, adhering to sometimes impossibly small ledges.



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May Rowing under the Queensferry Crossing during the opening ceremony.

June: Club regatta on 24th June

July: A six day trip rowing the John Muir Way from Helensburgh to Dunbar via the Clyde, Forth-Clyde canal, the Forth and North Sea.

August Viking re-enactment with several appropriately-dressed boats/crews. Dunbar to Tyninghame estuary with a typical 'raid'.
Anyone wishing to join, call Kenny Maule on 01368 860 852


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Club member Linda Greig went to Tasmania to take part in a charity, long-range row (120km) in the ocean, through islands, and in rivers.



Club rowing off Sunny Dunny in February including a visiting rower from Stornoway.





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Dunbar Harbour is seeing lots of activity as chains & moorings are checked and any necessary maintenance carried out in preparation for the new season. Hull preparation, mechanical and electrical equipment and safety gear all need to be checked before launch. Dunbar’s all weather lifeboat also has a spring clean and has made a short trip down to Eyemouth for a regular bottom scrub along with some routine maintenance.

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On the 13th January waves coming over the North Wall of Victoria Harbour can be seen above McArthur’s Store.




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Fencing at the end of the Victoria Harbour will be repaired to increase the safety and appearance of the far end of the harbour.

Beyond this lies the site of Durbar’s hatchery and for anyone who does not know the story of this hatchery all will be revealed by a discussion with Gordon Easingwood and Dunbar’s History Society in the Town House.



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