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Dunbar, in common with many similar ports, has young people seeking summer enjoyment by jumping into the harbour. Sometimes called tombstoning, this activity can result in the tragic loss of young lives. One teenager is recovering in hospital after dislocating both his shoulders while “tombstoning” off rocks on the Pembrokeshire coast. Quite clearly the practice is pretty dangerous and the consequences unthinkable if something goes wrong. Not wanting to restrict the fun of local children should always be kept in mind, but so should ensuring their safety. Each year the local authorities including the council, schools and police try in vain to stop the practice.

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Local Cafe owner Rhona Bell now has her 1296 coffee van at the Victoria Harbour. Coffee, tea, hot chocoate with tray bakes, toasties and much more will be available seven days a week.

This has proved to be a popular addition for harbour users and for visitors to our harbour who have been able to enjoy a snack during a visit.

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P2, P4 & P7 pupils worked with STRiVE Wellbeing on The Big Generation Catch project funded by the Heritage Lottery.  The project explored the fishing heritage of Dunbar and captured memories of fishing from past to present.The whole P4 year group had the opportunity to contribute to the project, creating art work and building a small model fishing boat.


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Families and individuals were invited to come and get involved with  a harbour clean up event being organised by the Harbour Master. 

On Saturday 7th May the cold  winds and grey skies did not deter the collectors and many tyres, parking cones, plastic bottles and general detritus was removed from all three harbours as well as 10 bags of litter from around the harbours.

Well done to the litter pickers of all ages who helped on the day including the smallest helper who was only two weeks old.

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FOUR historic Scottish buildings including an A-listed Edwardian mansion and an Old Custom House, as well as a 16th century harbour are to get facelifts worth over £650,000. Historic Environment Scotland (HES) announced that the money will be used to restore and repair historic buildings, and the harbour after five projects won a share in the funding. 

Cromwell Harbour in Dunbar, a 16th century  safe haven for fishing and famous for its association with Oliver Cromwell, is to get £47,840 which will help Dunbar Harbour Trust repair the structure of the harbour, allowing  its continued use as a working and leisure anchorage. Cromwell himself funded repairs to the harbour in the 17th century and used it to supply his armies before the second battle of Dunbar


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The Port Marine Safety Code applies to all harbour authorities in the UK that have statutory powers and duties. Every port is accountable for managing marine operations within its port safely and efficiently.

Dunbar Harbour continues to lead the way with its determination to be at the forefront of best Health & Safety practice. We are once again grateful to our “designated person” Capt. Graham Vale who will be guiding us towards further improvements at the PMSC audit this month.
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The distinctive shape of our local coastline was formed from volcanoes, glaciers and raging waters. North Berwick Law and the Bass Rock are two of the volcanoes in East Lothian.There are three different types of rock – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. At Dunbar Harbour there are two types of rock igneous and sedimentary.

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