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The Rowing Club's previous dolly was badly-rusted, plus shoving cast-iron up the slipway was proving hard work, so the club now has a fine, new, galvanised, lighter, steerable, tailor-made dolly/trolley made by local man, Andrew Watson.   Andy can be contacted on:-- 07746344220










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A Harbour Users Meeting was held recently in the Methodist Church and gave attendees a chance to discuss with the Board recent harbour improvements and the future improvement plans. These included a strong emphasis on environmental matters and the need to keep our harbour tidy.


Walls - Robin Hamilton

Dunbar Battery - Steve Anderson

Battle’s Over - Alison Fisher.

Keep our harbour tidy - Yvonne Wymess

Improvement projects, future

Open forum for all to comment.

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From our Harbourmaster:

"Many thanks to those volunteers who turned up today to help check the chains. Unfortunately the tides were not as low as predicted so we checked as many chain plates and adjacent chain as possible. Only minor defects have been found so far. We do try to keep mooring costs as low as possible and therefore volunteers are a great help in achieving this. When the planned extension to the slipway is completed we are hoping that a JCB may be able to be brought into the harbour to allow more comprehensive checks of buried chain to be completed. Many thanks to the volunteers who turned up again the following morning to assist with some basic checks. It highlighted a few minor defects and jobs needing doing so I will be in contact again later in the year / New Year to see if anyone is able to come and assist completing the work. The plan is to systematically check all cross chains as well as the main and secondary chains and to keep a written record as well as photographic records of our findings.

Also a mooring committee meeting is due to take place within the next fortnight. There have been a couple of new vessel applications so we are going to have to be flexible in some cases with current mooring allocations. We will be in contact about this at the earliest opportunity to give plenty time to everyone concerned to readjust their mooring location, should it be deemed necessary by the moorings committee.

best regards,  Quentin"

Here's an old plan, to give you a general idea of the layout.

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Scientists from the St Abbs Marine Station are working in cooperation with commercial fishermen to study the population structure of lobsters and brown crabs in and around the St Abbs and Eyemouth Voluntary Marine Reserve (VMR). Around 2,000 lobsters and brown crabs will be tagged within and surrounding the VMR. Tags are a 2" yellow label with St Abbs Marine Station written on it with a unique identification number. The Marine Station will keep the animal to take measurements and release it back into the sea. For more details contact Kevin Scott at the St Abbs Marine Station on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and 01890 771 688

Reward: Lobsters = market value + £10.     Crabs = £10,  To Claim Reward:

1. Record location or position of recovery (latitude & longitude)

2. Bring the tagged lobster(s) and/or crab(s) to the St Abbs Marine Station. (7 days-a-week 9:00-17:00)

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On Friday 9th Nov., there was a great reception for another wonderful performance by the Battery Theatre Company in the Parish Church -- the church where Rev. James Kirk was minister. Performing in this space for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War gave an added poignancy to the play.

(photo credit David Graham).

Armistice concert: 

Dunbar Sings and members of the Dunbar History Society were at the centre of a highly-successful concert in the Parish Church on the Sunday afternoon with highlights from the pupils of Dunbar Grammar School who sang and read their own work for the audience.


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Sunday 11th Nov: Remembrance Day and Lighting of the Beacon.

6.20pm. Dunbar Pipe Band marched from the Royal British Legion down Victoria Street, across the harbour bridge to Dunbar Battery.

6.30pm. The atmospherically-lit Dunbar Battery was packed as the Battery Theatre Company entertained the audience.

Sharing of Stories – Stories of the men of Dunbar who went to War.

Music and readings from WW1

Songs related to Great War

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REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY – HARBOUR BEACON LIGHTING, Nov. 11,  meet at 6.30pm. for 7--8 pm.

Join members of the Dunbar Harbour Trust at the Dunbar Battery to witness the lighting of a remembrance beacon in Dunbar Castle. Congregate at the Battery at 6.30 p.m. Through a short collection of music and  Dunbar stories we will remember the Great War.  After the playing of the Last Post we will light our beacon at 7 p.m., at the same time that beacons are being lit up and down the country. The bells of Dunbar will then ring out.

and ... Harbour Users Meeting will be held on 8th Nov. between 6 and 7pm. in the Methodist Church Hall.  All are welcome. The content will follow the usual Powerpoint/Open forum approach.

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Last bike run of the 2018 season: started at Carfrae Mill on a damp day, ended at Dunbar Harbour dry and bright, via Ayton, Eyemouth, Coldingham; 22 bikes turned up from as far as Norham and another two from Inverkeithing.

Dunbar Sailing Club again made the clubhouse available and Marie-Florence again supplied tea, coffee and apple pie. It would seem that it was up to its usual standard and no complaints were recorded. Just as well, as a complainer risked getting hit on the head with a tray. It was a pleasure to see so many weel kent faces and some new ones also.

Nobody got lost, nobody broke down and only one rider fell off, but we won't go into that. The RNLI shop wishes to say "thank you" to the members for filling the lifeboat box with change. As they say: 'mony a mickle maks a muckle'.

PS: Craning-Out Day was completed successfully and thanks were passed on to all who were involved.

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Jenny-Le is a recent addition to the harbour.

Photo here shows Mark in the lengthy process of making her seaworthy.






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Breakwater report from Harbour Trust director Robin Hamilton:

"During September A.G. Thomson brought in 150 tonnes of rock armour to reshape the breakwater, mainly at the Cromwell side to strengthen and raise the level. Also many of the existing larger stones were repositioned on the front face to make better use of them. It is proposed to bring in further rock armour next year after seeing how the strengthened breakwater reacts to Dunbar's winter storms."



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