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Have you spotted these dog bags? They're near the bridge

Eric Robertson recently installed the dispenser for use by owners who remembered to walk the dog but forgot their bags.

 Several dogs have requested another dispenser at Cromwell Harbour.

photo by Kenny Maule

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Do you remember the swimmer, Ross Edgley, 33, who stopped by in Dunbar Harbour this summer? He has become the first person to swim around Great Britain, making his way back to land in Margate recently. He had not been ashore since June 1, when he set off on his 1,780-mile aquatic journey. Ross said that even though he had not enjoyed EVERY moment of the swim, especially Scotland's jellyfish, his discipline kept him going.

“It still doesn’t feel real,” Mr. Edgley gasped with an exhausted happiness.

Swimming day-in and day-out in saltwater also turned his tongue dry and sore, making it hard for him to eat, swallow or talk. The solution? Coconut oil and yogurt, which helped him to overcome his soreness and keep going.

For more than 150 days, Mr. Edgley swam 6 to 12 hours a day. He spent the rest of his time eating and sleeping on his support boat, from where he documented his quest in episodes streamed online throughout his endurance swim.

photo: Ross Edgley's website

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AG Thomson's men have been erecting the last of the branders in Cromwell Harbour, This photo shows a couple. The branders are made of oak timbers and heavy-duty rubber, secured by large brackets. Now all the ladders have their protective branders allowing the fishing boats to 'ride' safely up and down during tidal changes and swell movements. They're great but it has not been an easy job.

We expect the project to be of real benefit to the fishermen, especially during our frequent storm surges. Many thanks to Kevin and his team for completion of phase one.


photo by Kenny Maule

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Viridor’s National Magazine and the Scottish Ornithologists Club's e-bulletin and Winter Magazine have promoted the recent interpretation panels in and around Dunbar's three harbours. In total there are 30 interpretation panels, take a stroll and try to find them all. Our stories may surprise you.

 photo by Kenny Maule

Jack McLaughlin, next page...

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The RNLI are planning a revamp of their current station which has stood proudly for 115 years but is no longer able to accommodate growing needs. The expected plans include improved changing facilities, a better visitor experience for public-safety training, a new shop, plus a two-storey block for the Inshore garage. Over the years the duties of the station have expanded and now consist of the Torness-based All-weather Lifeboat (AWB), the Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) and thirty volunteers. 

The building plans will take some time to be finalised and will then be presented to the local authority in a few months for approval or modification. 

photo by Kenny Maule


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Robin Hamilton of the Harbour Trust reports: "A Marine Scotland Fisheries Grant of £107,500 has been awarded to the Trust to be spent mainly by the end of March 2019. This is for repairs to the harbour walls, in particular the North Wall of Victoria Harbour where surveys carried out by the Trust's consultants have identified the highest priorities, both on the outside and inside of this wall.

Discussions have started on how this grant can be best used taking into account the tides and swell and variable weather conditions likely in February and March. Flexibility in timing and work will be essential.

The Trust would like to thank Marine Scotland for their on-going support and much needed funding to keep the harbour safe."


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'Womble' friend, Marita Brown, of the Dunbar Against Litter team (DAL), helped clean-up the Battery & harbour-area for the Remembrance event. 

Please help wombles fight litter! --- you can adopt a street.

"Dunbar Against Litter" are on Facebook: @dunbaragainstlitter

(photo credit Yvonne Wymess)









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Dunbar Harbour featured on the ever-popular 'One Show' on Thursday 22nd Nov.

The harbour sparkled and local personalities represented us very ably: Shona, Gaz, Aly & of course Sammy. 

Everyone shone and displayed the harbour in its best light. Well done!!!

(photos from 'The One Show')




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Steven Anderson, on behalf of the Harbour Trust, has received the Retrofit Award for 2018 from the Architect’s Journal. The jury decided that Dunbar Battery is “a playful and joyful space which is so engaging for adults and kids”. The panel also liked the way in which the existing wall on the site was salvaged and re-used to create a simple but effective design. It's been a very successful year from the Battery perspective. It has received the following recognition in the design world;

- AJ Architecture Awards 2017 - Winner; Budget Project of the Year

- AR New Into Old - International Shortlisted Finalist (1 of 15 worldwide)

- Civic Trust Awards - Regional Finalist (1 of 4 in Scotland)

- Scottish Civic Trust Award - Commendation 

- Scottish Design Awards 2018 - Highly Commended in Placemaking/Landscaping

- AJ Retrofit Awards 2018 - Winner; Best Listed Building Under £5M

- Landscape Institute Awards 2018 - Highly Commended

Awards for the creation of the space are nice to receive but it would be a failure without the community using the facility.  We are looking for interest for next year's calendar of events. Get in touch via the website; https://dunbarbattery.org.uk/ 

(photo credit Kenny Maule)

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The Rowing Club's previous dolly was badly-rusted, plus shoving cast-iron up the slipway was proving hard work, so the club now has a fine, new, galvanised, lighter, steerable, tailor-made dolly/trolley made by local man, Andrew Watson.   Andy can be contacted on:-- 07746344220










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