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After reports of a lone paddle boarder in difficulty near Thorntonloch, UK Coastguard paged for the inshore (ILB) and all-weather (ALB) lifeboats at 3.55pm after a member of public raised the alarm and reached the scene around 4.15pm.  The crews spotted a person on rocks near Thorntonloch Beach and, with assistance from UK Coastguard teams from Dunbar and North Berwick and members of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, established this was the casualty, who had managed to make their own way to the shore. The paddle boarder, who had got into difficulties after being blown away from shore, did not require medical treatment.

A RNLI spokesman added: “If you see someone in danger or something of concern on the water, cliffs or shoreline call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

Photos: Ross McMullen

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The Rowing Club has completed a renovation of skiff Black Agnes, resplendent in cream and black, with her hull newly-finished. Soon she will be competing in various regattas and expeditions throughout 2019.

The Rowing Club never rests during the winter, as shown in this dawn photo by Christine Mincher. It's always warm on the water when rowing; sometimes too hot, even in 'deepest mid-winter'.

photo by Christine Mincher

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With licences now in place, the RNLI hope to make best use of the low spring tides at the end of February and March, having taken careful note of Craning-In Day and the North Wall Repair project.

The contractor’s compound should be near the bridge approach and an additional area in front of the RNLI station.

The bridge-lift will be coordinated with the harbour master and care will be taken that no temporary works should be placed which would prevent boats going under the bridge near high tide.

Click READ MORE button to see the survey team measuring during last year's planning.

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Work started this week to carry out essential repairs to the harbour's North Wall, overseen by Robin Hamilton using the recently-acquired Marine Scotland grant.

Photos show the North Wall undermining repairs being carried out this week; the sweĺl conditions made it difficult but AG Thomson did a really good job . Particularly the guys working at the bottom of the wall, on the outside face.


Soon proposed repairs to the sheared blocks on the outer face of the North Wall and various other critical areas will be carried out.

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Bob Clunas, much-loved mariner, is flitting north to live in Helmdale. Bob was harbourmaster in Dunbar, living here for 16 years. He latterly restored Marean his beautiful 'fifie', a herring-drifter built in 1959. Bob found her derelict in Amble in 2012 and then restored her. She is a boat with history, having been sucked through Corryvrecken whirlpool and later damaged by ice on the Forth-Clyde Canal. Marean has adorned Cromwell Harbour for 6 years now.

Originally Bob came from Orkney and he travelled a lot, even as far as South Georgia, where he would have felt at home as the local town is called Stromness! 

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Each year four Trust Directors are required by statute to stand down from office.

This year Alasdair Swan, Steven Anderson and Barry Fisher are offering themselves for re-election.

Barry Buglass has decided not to offer himself for re-election after six valuable years of service to the Harbour Trust. All harbour users will be very grateful for the contribution that Barry has given to the Trust where his knowledge has proved to be a positive asset. 

During February, information about 'how to apply' will be posted around the Harbour and in the local press.

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Ramp extension under the bridge: Licences are in now place and the RNLI expect to make best use of the low Spring tides at the end of February and March. The RNLI are also aware of the need to co-ordinate with Craning-In Day and the Wall Repair project.


The Harbour Trust is planning to have a full mechanical audit and full electrical audit of the harbour bridge to ensure that the bridge continues to operate smoothly.


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For your diary.... Events coming soon: https://dunbarbattery.org.uk/topics/events/

* March 17th Alex Cornish, Fisherraw Blues Explosion and, maybe, you??? ---- we’re looking for community groups, bands and individuals to use Dunbar Battery. If you are interested, please get in touch via https://dunbarbattery.org.uk/contact-us/

* Craning-in of the yachts,  date 12th April. First lift at 08:30am.

* May 26th 2019; 10am --5:00 pm. Pirates of the East Coast, a sponsored walk from North Berwick to Dunbar Battery along the John Muir Way.

* June 10th--23rd are the proposed dates for making the #LitterCUBES in Dunbar.

* June 17th 2019; 11-- 2:00 pm. Fourth annual gathering of the East Lothian Archaeological, History and Genealogy Group. Site visit and tour of the Dunbar Battery. Visit hosted by Dunbar Harbour Trust Directors.

* Sparkling Dunbar: Saturday August 17th 2019; 2-- 6:00 pm. Live Music and stalls down in Victoria Harbour and the Dunbar Battery. Fun for all the family – apart from grumpy Grandpa! He can stay at home!

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Warming your feet on a very cold day.

On Thursday 10th January, the RNLI replaced the bollard which holds the offshore lifeboat's bow mooring chain, at the harbour mouth. This involved much metal grinding on a very cold day: nice for warming, or even melting, your feet

photo by Kenny Maule


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Dunbar lifeboat crew member, Laura, is undertaking a passage to RNLI HQ in Poole with Eyemouth Lifeboat‘s Trent class lifeboat, 14-11 Barclaycard Crusader, which is joining the RNLI’s relief fleet. We’ll miss Laura while she’s away but hope she has a safe passage and enjoys all the sights to see along the way.

A Shannon class all-weather lifeboat replaces the current Trent class boat and is described as the "most agile and manoeuvrable" vessel in the RNLI's fleet. The Shannon can operate close to rocks and other vessels because she is propelled by waterjets instead of traditional propellers, making her well suited to the Borders coastline.

photos with permission from RNLI facebook

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