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 Photo above: they're off!

This was the Club's annual 'Rudkin Memorial race', usually round' the Bass Rock, but much-shortened due to weather conditions. Five yachts, Aquila, Sona, Zig-Zag, Sundance and Cirrus the Cornish Shrimper, competed in a stiff breeze (Force 4--5): "that's the way they like it, Commodore".

In a tight race between the first three yachts, all single handed, the winner was Aquila, skipper Dave Anderson, with line honours and winning-on-handicap in a time of 39 mins 44 seconds. Congratulations, Dave!

During the summer season you can watch these races, starting at 7.30pm on Wednesday evening, from the Battery. Bring your binos. 

photos from Kenny Maule and Dunbar Online.

Click "Read More" for photo 2, "in action".

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MPV Hirta (Marine Protection Vessel) was patrolling off Dunbar for several days in mid-September. Built at the Remontowa Yard in Gdansk, Poland she entered service in 2008. She has a crew of 17, a top speed of 18 knots and is used mainly for offshore enforcement tasks.

Britain's sea fisheries have been protected and controlled by the authority of Parliament for nearly 200 years, but in 1882 responsibility for protecting Scottish waters was given to Scotland, which currently has three ships in the fleet. MPV Hirta is the newest of our ships.

Tech details:

  • Call Sign: 2ANO9, Flag: United Kingdom [GB], Year Built: 2007
  • AIS Vessel Type: Law Enforce, Status: Active
  • Gross Tonnage: 2182, Deadweight: 741 t
  • Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 84.02m × 13.1m

Click "READ MORE" for her recent track up and down, off Dunbar.

photos courtesy www.marinetraffic.com

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The weekend programme of re-enactment started at the Battery with Aaron Johnston of the Scottish Battlefields Trust giving an explanation of the political situation, the battle's lead-up, the battle itself, and the following sad consequences; the audience noted the date today was Friday 13th Sept. Musket-men, in authentic military colours and costumes of hodden grey, gave a volley of shot over the embrasures towards the battle-site. The Battery theatre had a full-house with many American descendants of the battle's survivors' in attendance.

photos by Kenny Maule

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Harbour Hound Day coming on Sunday 29th Sept. There'll be 'afternoon tea for dogs', see above for menu, plus 'dog and owner look-a-like' competition and more ....

On Friday 30th August, Rhona's Tasty Toastie had "Tea by the Sea, take 2" on the harbour-side in aid of Maggie's Centre, Edinburgh, raising £612, a tasty sum. A wonderful afternoon tea was enjoyed: tea, coffee, sandwiches and cake!  Click READ MORE to see that photo.

photos by Kenny Maule

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September 13th 7.30--8.30pm, The Soldiers of Dunbar 1650 (free event).  Hear the story of the prelude to the Battle of Dunbar and meet the different types of soldier. Joining us will be descendants of some of those taken prisoner at the battle.Event concludes with musket salute over the old harbour.



September 28th, 7--9pm, Pix in the Stix

September 29th, Sunday afternoon, Tasty Toastie is having a Harbour Hound Day with an unusual menu and competitions.

.... and for next month's Newsletter....... a report of Sparkling Dunbar! 

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 A beautiful little bird; we shall call him Martin.

The house martin nests mainly under eaves of houses and its upper part is blue with a distinct, white rump. Its tail is also forked, though smaller than a swallow’s. Sand martins are similar in shape to house martins and, as the name suggests, nest in sand banks and quarries. You can see sand martins outside the north wall of the Battery. They dine daily on the flies which hatch in the East Beach's seaweed. By October they will start to migrate to Africa.

The next photo is a gathering of house martins around McArthur's Store at evening time on Friday 23rd August.

Click READ MORE to view

photos by Kenny Maule

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Dunbar Harbour stocks red diesel for the fishing fleet, yachts and visiting boats. The red has a lesser duty rate for commercial users (mainly farmers and fishers) and thus is cheaper than white diesel. There is now a current HMRC consultation stage regarding when/whether the European regs. should be introduced.

The UK has so far avoided introducing this change for private users but in future it will particularly affect 'private pleasure craft users who will be required to use unmarked white diesel' when visiting the Continent.

Yacht skippers, you need to be aware!

Light reading: https://www.kegels-co.com/single-post/2018/10/30/The-marking-of-gas-oil-subject-to-full-taxation-is-in-conflict-with-Directive-9560EC

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The Northern Lighthouse Board periodically inspects navigation aids around our coasts. Recently the NLV POLE STAR anchored in Belhaven Bay for four hours (!) at the Poo Buoy. 

Info at https://www.nlb.org.uk/  and


Photo by Kenny Maule

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The end of Boyne Pier at Cove Harbour has weakened and is now collapsing (as all sea walls do without expensive work). This would mean the end of commercial fishing from this bonny, wee harbour with its sandy beach 'fur the weans n' bairns'.

All our readers are aware of this problem as Dunbar's wave-bashed sea walls are under continual maintenance when funds allow.

Repairs at Cove are expected to cost £250,000, to grout the voids, rebuild the footing and 'haud it thegither, ken'. Just £50 buys a bag of grout, £20 buys an hour of a skilled craftsman's time. 

Answer: CRAB = Campaign for Repairs At Boyne

Please donate at http://www.coveharbour.co.uk/donations         https://www.facebook.com/PierPressure2018/ 

Click READ MORE for next photo.

photos by Ben Tindall of Cove

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As part of our Keep Our Harbour Tidy Project the Dunbar Harbour Trust has installed some new bins to help you keep our harbours tidy and healthy.

Dog-end bins:

  •  beside Tasty Toasty
  •  on upper, outside landing at McArthur's Store, Cromwell Harbour

Dog-waste bins: 

  •  beside the Fishermen's Monument, Cromwell Harbour
  •  just below Dr. Badger's Bench, Victoria Harbour

We appreciate your help to maintain a clean and tidy harbour, not just because it looks good, but it also makes it a safe and healthy environment for all harbour users. Follow this link if you would like to view our short video that advises about the dangers of dog mess and litter and how you can help.           

Keep Our Harbour, filmed by Fraser Stewart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRe-k8EXNjE&t=414s

Many thanks from Yvonne Wemyss and Quentin Dimmer!

photos by Kenny Maule

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