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This giant green crane costs £2,000/day and drives at a maximum of 40mph. 

Want to hire it? -- then remember you also pay for (very slow) positioning costs!

The work has been a 9m. extension to the slipway, from the west edge of the bridge directly into Victoria Harbour in order to improve tidal access for the RNLI’s ILB launch and recovery. There has been temporary closure of the Broadhaven slipway and divers were down for several days (!), to be less dependent on the tides. The work caused occasional inconvenience for harbour users however work-dates were changed to make allowance for the craning-in boat lift on 12 April. The works are expected to cease by May 3rd, so fingers crossed.

photos by Kenny Maule

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Robin Hamilton of the Harbour Trust has continued overseeing the harbour wall-repairs.

Robin is not the Smurf, by the way.





Where was the Marine Scotland Grant £107.5k grant used?

  • Underpinning toe of outer north wall at chainages. 
  • Repairs to basalt blocks on outer NW where sheared
  • Johnston’s Hole Repair. 
  • Lifting Bridge Audit complete awaiting report
  • Rock Armour for breakwater 150t delivered to site
  • Small repairs, mainly grouting,
  • Cromwell/Broadhaven/South-wall/Inner North-wall. 
  • Investigate NW quayside for voids Ch 150 to 162
  • Improve Cromwell paths
  • Electrical audit, Ladder and depth gauge repair

What was this meticulous Smurf looking for? Maybe a damaged block?   Click READ MORE below to find out.

photos by Kenny Maule

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April 16 Environmental Open Day. An event for all the family: Educational stalls and Upcycling activities for kids plus many other events. Harbour History Tour and "Ask your questions about the harbour". All details on Friends of Dunbar Battery and Harbour Trust FB pages.

May 26th 2019; 9.30am --5:00 pm. estimated time 5-6 hours, distance 18 miles approx.Pirates of the East Coast, a sponsored walk from North Berwick to Dunbar Battery along the John Muir Way. Meet-up at Seabird Centre, North Berwick. Watch out for registration details on Dunbar Online.

June 10th--23rd are the proposed dates for making the #LitterCUBES in Dunbar.

June 15, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm: THE THREE CRAWS RETURN...

June 17th; 11-- 2:00 pm. Fourth annual gathering of the East Lothian Archaeological, History and Genealogy Group. Site visit and tour of the Dunbar Battery.

June 22, 2019 Bands at the Battery




July 13, from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm. RNLI LIFEBOAT DAY

August 17th; 2-- 6:00 pm. Sparkling Dunbar: Saturday Live Music and stalls down in Victoria Harbour and the Dunbar Battery. Fun for all the family.

August 25, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. THE VIBRATING ECSTATIC NOW: PASSIONATE ONES

September 6, to 7, Hemelvaart Bier Cafe Ayton‎Hemelvaart Rocks Festival

and ---- don't forget to view the "Craning-in of the yachts, Friday 12th April. First lift at 08:30am."

We’re looking for community groups, bands and individuals to use Dunbar Battery. If you are interested, please get in touch via https://dunbarbattery.org.uk/contact-us/

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Tues 16th April: A family event at Dunbar Harbour and Battery, from 11am-3pm.

A small event with a big impact - our Dunbar Harbour Trust, Environmental Open Day!

What to expect;

- Benches made from up-cycled fishing creels for kids to paint

- Decorating a fishing net with items made by local primary school children

- The impact of waste: information posters made by local kids at Dunbar Grammar School

- A short film on the impact of litter

- A Harbour History Tour (around 1pm)

- Question time ‘Ask your special question about the Harbour’ (around 12 noon)

- Educational/ activity stalls with Marine Conservation Scotland, Viridor and the RSPB

- Live music with Declan Till

- Tasty donuts from Mr Donut Man

Why would you miss this wonderful event in beautiful Sunny Dunny... and guess what, it’s all FREE! (Except the Food) 😃

Watch out for registration details on Dunbar Online.

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Craning-in day is planned for Friday 12th April. First lift at 08:30am.

Wear a hard hat, hi-vis jacket, and follow marshaller's instructions when near the lift-areas.

photo by Kenny Maule

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EARTH HOUR: Dunbar Battery switched off its lights on 30 March 2019 as part of WWF Earth Hour (8:30 pm to 9:30 pm).

Click on READ MORE to see how the Battery looked during this hour.

photo #2 by Kenny Maule


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It was not feasible to undertake the RNLI's ramp construction whilst the North Wall repair work was ongoing. The programme work has thus been pushed until the next set of big spring tides – mobilising on w/c 8th April and starting works w/c 15th April. If this tidal window cannot be used, then the project will have to be delayed until the autumn. The contractor and the Harbourmaster will agree the compound area and appropriate plans as the Craning-In day falls during the above period, on Friday 12th April.

Main items are to be considered:

Programme of works

Arrangements for contractor’s compound

Bridge lifting arrangements

Lifeboat arrangements when ramp is blocked

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Three current Directors, Steve Anderson, Barry Fisher and Alasdair Swan, were re-appointed for a further three years by the appointing committee of Sharon Saunders, Alison Fisher and Elaine O’Brien. Steve and Barry will have have completed the usual maximum of twelve years after that. Many thanks for your continuing service.

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Frazer MacDonald Hay, pictured above, is researching for his coming PHD at the University of Edinburgh, specifically interested in social cohesion. Frazer has joined the Rowing Club to learn and observe how coastal rowing may have supported social cohesion in the community. He has already visited the club's renovation work on skiff Black Agnes and talked to members about the 'group' aspects of coastal rowing, regattas and expeditions.

He says: "Thank you very much for the insight into Dunbar Coastal Rowing – beautiful skies and warm company."

He says: " Many thanks for letting me know the thoughts of several rowing members – I appreciate your openness and trust."

photo by Kenny Maule

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Sea Breeze recently towed Arcturus through Broadhaven into Cromwell Harbour for some engine repair, aided by the RNLI Inshore Lifeboat (ILB). The ILB is using a line on Arcturus's stern to control her heading as her rudder would be ineffective at these very low speeds.

photos by Billy Main and Kenny Maule




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