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Noel, above representing the glamour people, is showing the World how balmy the weather is on the ‘Costa del Dunbar’.

Maggie is more realistic.


(photo by Kenny Maule)



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Bob Clunas has returned briefly to Dunbar, fettled his ‘fifie’ Marean and then set sail on the afternoon of May 17th to cover 330 miles to his new home in Helmsdale, crossing Scotland twice using three Scottish canals.



Route: The North Sea, Firth of Forth, Forth-Clyde canal, Firth of Clyde, Sound of Bute, Crinan canal, Firth of Lorne, Loch Linnhe, passing Ben Nevis, Caledonian canal, the Moray Firth, finally completing his voyage on the North Sea to Helmsdale. Farewell Bob, make us a cuppa when we visit.

(photo of his final departure by Kenny Maule)

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The Chick family are travelling ‘Round the UK on a Tenner a Day’ – not only for the great experience, but to raise money for CatZero and they are doing it all in their 1968 Morris Traveller. They stopped at Dunbar on May 12th and received a warm welcome from harbour-users who offered a hot shower and dinner BUT the Royal Mac had already offered the same! They were bowled over.


The family had departed Hull Marina on April 30, to travel the coastline of the country in ‘Mo’ their campervan, living every day on only £10 (£5 for food, £5 for fuel). They aim to raise thousands of pounds for CatZero. Mum is Jem, dad is Dave and then there’s Gracie, 15; Evan, 13 and Irys,11.

“This adventure will certainly be a challenge,” says mum Jem “being squashed into a tiny space, for possibly up to eight months, wearing the same clothes, eating a lot less than we’re used to, and never quite knowing what’s round the next bend. But we’re up for it.” They all agree.

“We have set ourselves the target of raising £49,000 which will put fourteen young people through one of CatZero’s 12-week programmes,” said Jem.

Click “READ MORE” for 'Mo' Morris

(photos by Kenny Maule)

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While you were all watching TV the coastguards and RNLI were out on the slippery, dark rocks of Dunbar.


Reports of a missing person in Dunbar resulted in the Emergency Services being immediately alerted. Both Dunbar's lifeboats, inshore and offshore, several coastguard teams and a search-and-rescue helicopter were ‘scrambled’ after a call at about 9.40pm on Sunday May 19th.

They conducted a coastline search from the sea and over the rocks, by illuminating the area using several bright flares. Local persons heard the noisy launchings and saw these incandescent flares as they drifted over the East Beach area. The missing person susequently made themselves known to police, and the search finished near midnight.

Photo above, the Cox'n awaits the returning crew. The new ramp is already useful at low water.

Click “READ MORE” for the photo of the night recovery

(photos by Kenny Maule) 


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The world-famous Danny MacAskill and his video team were filming for three days recently around Dunbar Harbour. As forecast, Sunny Dunny’s weather was benign and bright: Hollywood-style. Filming went well and many people saw his stunts however everyone was discouraged from sharing videos until Danny has officially published this new video on Youtube.

Quoting Santa Cruz Bicycles: “Danny MacAskill's roots stretch all the way back to his beginnings in Scotland on the Isle of Skye. He began his life on two wheels as a bike mechanic but realized that wrenching was quickly getting in the way of challenging time on his trials bike, so he ditched the shop life to hone his riding full-time. Since that decision he's been featured in television ads, published Youtube videos that earned millions of views, and gone on tour to show people around the world new ways to showcase riding a bike.”

Danny’s profile has soared. His current viral success totals over 350 million views on YouTube alone. Danny is also a live show favourite, consistently drawing huge crowds, desperate to see some of his best known tricks in a live environment.  http://www.dannymacaskill.co.uk/

Photo shows Danny doing a forward somersault as the bridge opens. Please don’t attempt any of his stunts; the Harbour is not a skate park!

Even stunt cyclists with the best tyres get punctures! Click “READ MORE” for proof.

(photos by Kenny Maule)

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Lots of lochs and locks: the Club rowed from Corpach, near Ben Nevis, into the Caledonian Canal, up Neptune’s Staircase Locks, along Loch Lochy, Loch Oich, and Loch Ness and thence to Inverness. The Caledonian Canal is approximately 60 miles in length. 22 miles of this is man-made, with the remainder being formed by natural fresh-water lochs. Consisting of 29 locks and 10 swing bridges, this coast-to-coast link cuts through the spectacular Great Glen; a stunning location for boats in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Photo above: Neptune’s Staircase Locks

Click “READ MORE” for a photo of the stalwart crew at Lochend on Loch Ness.

Photos by Kenny Maule 

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As part of the Marine Scotland grant for Harbour Repairs an audit of the lifting bridge was recently carried out by specialist consultants on moving structures. Trust directors Robin Hamilton, Alasdair Swan, Eric Robertson, also Harbourmaster Quentin Dimmer plus others, were closely involved in this project.

The audit is like a car MOT and looked at each component of the bridge. It identified and detailed further investigation into bridge bearings and hydraulics, also it advised on controlling the opening and closing of the bridge. This bridge is vital for fishing boat access to Cromwell Harbour and traffic access to the Battery and North Wall.

The photo above shows a corroded main axle: salt + sand + damp = corrosion!

(photo from the audit team)

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Photo above: “Hey, Kevin, mind yon wee castle, wid ye?”

Sea Breeze spent two weeks on the hard, being repaired and prepared for sea.

A great view for passers-by and a lot of work for Kevin but well worth the effort!

Click “READ MORE” for a photo of Sea Breeze airborne



(photos by Kenny Maule, courtesy Kevin Keillor)

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This recent, three-week construction work caused the slipway to remain closed until Friday 10th May and vessel restrictions were applied to movements within the harbour due to diver and crane activity. The RNLI work-crew apologise for the inconvenience caused over the three weeks of construction but the safety of those who use Dunbar harbour and the surrounding sea-area has now been improved as a result of this useful work.

Photo above shows Denholm inspecting the ramp. 

Click “READ MORE” for a photo of the tidying up.

(photos by Kenny Maule)


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May 26th 2019; Meet at 9.30am for dep.10am --5:00 pm. estimated time 5-6 hours, distance 12 miles approx. Pirates of the East Coast, sponsored walk from North Berwick to Dunbar Battery along the John Muir Way. Meet at Seabird Centre, North Berwick. Register: https://bit.ly/2Ur8RQj or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

June 10th--23rd are the proposed dates for making the #LitterCUBES in Dunbar.

June 15, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm: THE THREE CRAWS RETURN...

June 17th; 11-- 2:00 pm. Fourth annual gathering of the East Lothian Archaeological, History and Genealogy Group. Site visit and tour of the Dunbar Battery.

June 22, 2019 Bands at the Battery



July 3rd Wed. 11am-3pm.   Environmental Open Day

July 13th. RNLI Lifeboat Day

August 17th. 2--6pm, Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival


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