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At midnight on June 6th, the spectacular 'new' moon descended past the Castle, watched by an admiring seagull. You can also just see the faint part of the moon, illuminated by the light reflected off the Earth.

The harbour is always worth a visit: day/night, good/bad weather.

photo by Kenny Maule



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A 'cooncil' crew painted the upper railings of the North Wall in 'harbour' blue. It's surprising how quickly paintwork is attacked by seawater, salt, and bird-droppings, leaving corroded ironwork. 

Please click "READ MORE" to see the crew hard at work!

 photos by Kenny Maule

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Pirates of the East Coast Sponsored Walk – Sun 26th May 2019

Whoop, Whoop... Our pirate walk is complete. Ten pillaging pirates walked from North Berwick Harbour to Dunbar Harbour. A gruesome 14.2 miles along the John Muir way, raising funds for equipment for our Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival – The Dunbar Harbour Trust’s free annual community event.

'Nae a good start as oor poor pirates got drooned' at North Berwick Law from an unexpected downpour and the last leg tested all with high winds. But not to be defeated, and with some intermittent sunshine, the jolly crew smashed the walk!

Our pirates were few and included two pesky pirate children aged 11 and 10 – young troopers who made no complaint and chatted along the way to keep the aged villains going! PS: Cap'n Jack Sparrow doesn't work with children and animals. He's a big fearty.

Raising a phenomenal £875.75, we are grateful to Yvonne Wymess and all who participated, helped organise, made cakes (£130 from bake sales) and supported us on the day but most of all the wonderful, generous people who sponsored us! Thank you!

photo by Frazer Macdonald Hay

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Dunbar’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) launched Sunday afternoon, 9th June, to assist with an injured person just south of Dunbar.

A shore angler had slipped and was suffering from a suspected broken leg, the volunteers prepared their medical equipment and were making way to Skateraw just five minutes after the pagers had initially sounded. The crew were able to assist with the safe extraction of the angler, over some extremely slippery rocks.

Thankfully the angler had a means of calling for help as well as being with friends at the time of the accident. This incident offers a sharp reminder of how dangerous our coastline can be.

Remember to let someone know if you are exploring the coast alone, the time you expect to return, and always carry a means of calling for help.

Crew: Gaz Crowe, Alan Blair, Jamie Forrester, Andrzej Hajduk

photo 1 courtesy RNLI, Dunbar.

photo 2, by Kenny Maule (please click "READ MORE" to see the ILB starting up.)

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May 23rd, 1pm: Marine Traffic 'radar': Can you spot the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier leaving the Firth of Forth heading towards the bridges? She was initially being towed, then was disconnected, later speeded up to 9kt and accelerated again to 17kts when passing Dunbar. Her destination was reported as Portland Bill.

Three boats accompanied her until she 'left the premises': Bugsier 3, Hopetoun, and Craigleith.

Ship's details: HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH, Combat Vessel

Gross Tonnage: 65,000,  Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 282.9m × 69m

Year Built: 2013,  Status: Active.

photo 1, overview from 'Marine Traffic'

photo 2, by Kenny Maule Please click "READ MORE" to see her offshore, passing the Battery

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The much-heralded re-opening of the canal took place on the weekend of May 24--26. Over three days the boats transited the Falkirk Wheel, onto Auchinstarry, ending at Southbank Marina, Kirkintilloch. The Wheel slowly rotated and we had our 'wee go' at 5.30pm when the steamboats went into their gondola, then our gondola opened and in went all the 'rowing skiffs'. Just imagine, 8 boats in a rotating gondola. Halfway up, the Wheel was stopped and the skiffs gave an oar salute, the steamboats tooted and Bob's dragon belched his steamy breath.

The Rowing Club's Bob Fleet was, appropriately, the fleet-organiser for the boats:-

coastal skiffs, steamboats, Clyde puffers, narrowboats, and even a dragon (yes, really!) - the Canal Carnival 2019 was EPIC! Everyone helped celebrate the re-opening of the canal to coast-to-coast traffic (with thanks to the additional funding from the Scottish Government).

Drone video: https://scottishcoastalrowing.org/2019/05/30/canal-festival-featuring-scra-skiffs/

Saturday dawned fine; it was a great opportunity to see the boats with bunting and their crews in fancy dress. Then we set off to music and ballyhoo with a long, straight row into the wind. Parts of the canal are SSSIs and there are reed beds and lots of nesting sites so our birdwatchers twitched as we rowed along. After several locks and bridges and 4 hours rowing, we were in Auchinstarry Marina; not much room for the 70-odd boats arriving. A prize-giving, hog roast and ceilidh in the marquee finished the evening. Many boats continued during Sunday's downpour, onto Southbank Marina, Kirkintilloch. "Well done, everyone!". 

Please click "READ MORE" to see the photo 2

photos by Christine Mincher

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Since summer(?) commenced, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays weather allowing, Big Blu and Fizz Bar visit the Battery area and dispense the essentials of life: pizza, salad, prosecco cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.


Check their future visits on facebook.

Please click "READ MORE" to see the Fizz Bar.

photos by Kenny Maule


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The old tidal gauge has been damaged over the years and has now been superseded. Careful skippers can check this gauge before crossing the submerged bar at the harbour entrance.

 photo by Kenny Maule



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Gasp at Danny somersaulting the bridge, leaping off the cold-store, transiting the walls, cycling along our famous Propeller and going crazy in the Battery. This video is a promo for Danny's partnership with Adidas and it shows how interesting the Harbour area has become with recent improvements.

Paste this into your browser (select full-screen and volume up.):--


Do try this at home by falling off your own shed, but NOT in our Harbour-area. This performance by Danny was fully risk-assessed, well-practised and he had first-aid available! It ended safely, phew!

Everyone who met Danny and his crew agreed they were good fun and respectful of our harbour area, as requested.

Please click "READ MORE" to see him cycle along our Propeller.          photos from Danny's video

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 Brian Sinclair, who crews on Arcturus, caught this halibut off Dunbar. "It must weigh about 15kg," Brian reckons.

"Aye, we'll get a few good steaks out of that."

photo by Susan Brown via FB.



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