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All the enormous rocks have now been moved from the slipway area. AG Thomson’s diggers and JCBs transported the rocks over two days, taking advantage of the low tides to brave the mud and carefully place them on the right-hand-side of the breakwater.

This right-hand-side area receives the greatest wave impact. The left-hand-side has been left lower to allow visitors a good view of the sea and horizon (and to save money; these rocks and work are expensive, you know).


"Why not transport the rocks over the bridge?", I hear you cry.      "Because the bridge has a 3 ton weight-limit, duh.", I reply.

photos by Kenny Maule

Click READ MORE for mud-plugging diggers.

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Remember our article in the June newsletter? -- here's an update. Alastair Cook was running four days of workshops as part of Civic Week. Several of his students learned this 'arcane' art of wet-plate collodion which shows character and timelessness in the faces of the subjects.

Alastair raised £500 for the Dunbar Harbour Trust. "Many thanks, Alastair!"


photo by Kenny Maule



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Keep Our Harbour Tidy Project: Yvonne Wemyss, the main organiser, says "We held our Environmental Open Day at Dunbar Harbour on 3rd July and what a dynamic day it was. The event was well-attended by visitors of all ages. Children and adults alike had glorious fun painting upcycled creels, decorating a fishing-net and contributing artwork for the Viridor mural.

The RSPB and Marine Conservation Scotland joined us with educational stalls full of fabulous information. A short film on the impact of litter and dog-waste on the environment and health, produced by local videographer Fraser Stewart, was shown in the Battery. 

Graced with a super-sunny day, our visitors munched on pizza, Mexican delights and ice-cream, whilst listening to Declan Till playing relaxing tunes.  

One 3-year-old said "I put all my rubbish in the bin. If it goes in the sea all the whales will eat it and die." Let’s all learn from this very smart little one

Many thanks from the Dunbar Harbour Trust to all who contributed, participated and attended." 

photos by Kenny Maule

Click READ MORE to see Declan Till.

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CROWN PRINCESS, a cruise ship, sneaks past the Battery, June 27th. 

Details: Destination Le Havre, Cruise liner, Flag:  Bermuda [BM]

AIS Vessel Type: Passenger, Gross Tonnage: 113561, Deadweight:  13294 t

Length Overall x Breadth Extreme:  288.63m × 36.05m, Year Built:  2006, Status:  Active


photo by Kenny Maule

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Sunday 14th July at 8pm

The RNLI ILB dinghy brought in .........a mystery dinghy, named "Tommy 200". There was nobody aboard (and fortunately nobody had been reported missing!)

photo: Kenny Maule





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Moon: partial eclipse: the 'Half Blood' Lunar Eclipse of 2019, July 16th, photo at 22.30

The deepest part of the shadow is called the umbra. In today's eclipse, the moon is passing only partly into the umbra, so this will be a partial lunar eclipse. 

We still see the magical change of color as 65% of the full moon enters Earth's umbral shadow. It's difficult to predict the colour of an eclipsed moon because the condition of Earth's atmosphere affects it — but with recent volcanic activity spewing dust into the atmosphere, you can see the 'orange' penumbra, a 'half blood moon.'

Amazingly, it happened on the same day of the Apollo 11 liftoff, 16th July 1969, so 50 years later. A great way to celebrate.

photo by Kenny Maule

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Dunbar Coastal Rowing Club wins silver medals at the Skiffie World Championships in the 280+ category (means the total ages of the rowers is 280+ years eg: 70+ years old). Dunbar's 'senior rowers' were husband-and-wife pairings: George and Myra Johnstone, Alistair & Di Mackie, and cox Kenny Maule.

The Skiffie World Championships take place every 3 years with competing teams from Scotland, Ireland, France, USA, Canada, Holland, England, and Australia/Tasmania. This year the event was held in Stranraer, July 7--13th, in the beautiful, protected waters of Loch Ryan with 60 skiffs competing in many age- and gender-categories. There were 100 heats and races over 6 days. This year the special guest was HRH Princess Anne who  presented several medals. The Worlds is a family-friendly event held over 8 days with children's fun, music, ceilidhs, local food and evening entertainment.

Skiff-racing is the only sport in the World where the competitors are expected to build their own equipment: boats and oars. The sport started in Scotland and continues to expand throughout the World with 250+ skiffs made by each clubs' members. 


photos by Pamela Maule

Click READ MORE for the crew with Skiff Black Agnes

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Recently FUGRO MERCATOR (a Research/Survey Vessel) has been 'stooging' around offshore between Dunbar and Skateraw for several days. Looking at the ship's historic track she appears to have been surveying the sea-bed for a future cable 'connection' from the Nng future-windfarm, off the Isle of May, and a place to come onshore near the National Grid.

  • FUGRO MERCATOR, a Research/Survey Vessel
  • Flag:  Bahamas [BS], Gross Tonnage:  360, Deadweight:  67 t
  • Length Overall x Breadth Extreme:  42.35m × 10.25m, Year Built:  2003
  • Area:  UKC - North Sea, Status: Underway Using Engine, Speed/Course:  5.9kn / 118°

photo 1  courtesy MarineTraffic.com

photo 2  by Kenny Maule

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From Cherrytrees: "Cherrytrees Nursery graduation has been happening for several years and we try to have a theme as afterwards we have a garden party. The theme this year was the Greatest Showman, previous years have been super heroes and Alice in Wonderland

We had 14 graduates this year but not all could attend because they had left for holidays. Graduation used to be in the parish church hall, but we thought the Battery was a perfect place to try having a graduation. Parents/carers and grandparents have really enjoyed coming to the Battery. We would love to continue this tradition, fingers crossed the sun will always shine on Graduation Day."

At Cherrytrees Dunbar we welcome children from 6 weeks to 12 years, offering 81 full- and part-time places. We are open from 7.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday."

Cherrytrees Dunbar have completed stage one of East Lothian Council’s Healthy Schools Award, walking to and from school with our children and growing our own vegetables. We also take our Pre School and Out of School Club children to swim each week at Dunbar Leisure Pool and regularly visit local amenities such as the John Muir Country Park. Such outings are precious opportunities for language and social development.

photo by Kenny Maule

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Lifeboat Fete, Saturday July 13th.

Jodi Fairbairn, daughter of Coxswain Gary Fairbairn, was crowned Dunbar Lifeboat Queen at the harbour's popular, family event on Saturday afternoon, 13th July. There was a quick shower of rain but the day was mainly 'fair'. Queen Jodi was joined by her Attendants Ellen Mackay and Ashley Arthur, Herald Sam Mailer and Flower Girl Mirren Ross. The children were selected as they have a family connection with the harbour. 

Everyone was delighted to see ex-RNLI lifeboat The Douglas Currie, a Solent-class lifeboat which travelled all the way from Fraserburgh, an 11 hour transit, and stayed over Friday night. She sat alongside our Trent in the harbour, both open for tours, providing an excellent opportunity to see, and compare, lifeboat equipment past and present.

There was a stall from EDF Renewables, showcasing the future Neart Na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm project, plus many food and fun stalls, children's activities, and a performance from the local 'Strictly' dancers. See you all next year!!!!

photo 1 by RNLI

photo 2 by Kenny Maule

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