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The distinctive shape of our local coastline was formed from volcanoes, glaciers and raging waters. North Berwick Law and the Bass Rock are two of the volcanoes in East Lothian.There are three different types of rock – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. At Dunbar Harbour there are two types of rock igneous and sedimentary.

Igneous rock is made from molten rock that has come from within the earth and Sedimentary rock is formed from the breaking up of the older rocks. This is caused by weathering and erosion and the rock is transported by water or air and builds up as sediment to form new rock.The Dunbar Harbour master’s office is made from Markle basalt from the Garleton Hills.Doo Rock or Dove Rock is the big rock that stands in the middle of the beach outside the harbour where the swimming pool used to be. It is made out of igneous rock.

As igneous rock is harder than sedimentary rock the doo rock has not eroded away like the softer rock around it. A kind of igneous rock is basalt. Columns of basalt form when a flow of hot lava cools. At the Battery the rock has formed into six sided hexagonal columns.The uneven building of the sandstone castle wall has made perfect little nesting places for the Kittiwakes.


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