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"Masters will be responsible for the conduct of and fully accountable for any loss, injury or damage, or nuisance caused or committed by their crew, agents or guests while on board a vessel or on duty within the Harbour."

Recently there was a significant oil spillage into the harbour. This is considered to be avoidable and the Chairman has written to the owner. It was also agreed that an oil spillage kit will be procured and that anyone causing such a spillage will be charged for the clear-up (an amount that is likely to be in excess of £400 for a minor spillage and very much more if Briggs Marine have to be involved).

All commercial users will be advised of the need to be vigilant to keep their oil on their vessel and not allow it to escape into the harbour. Spillages cause many environmental problems and the fumes 'stick around' because the harbour-walls make a biscuit-tin effect, gasp.....

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