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Sometimes we all need reminding about safety in the harbour.

photo 1: A jet-ski appeared unannounced with his 'rocket-man' attached. After zooming around trying to get airborne, he succeeded for short periods. This is a tricky operation in a harbour with many boats, SUPs, kayaks etc. Under the correct conditions this can be safe and indeed he may be invited to appear at a future harbour event under 'controlled circumstances'. He has now agreed to liaise with the Harbourmaster for permission.

07958 754858 • Mobile  &   07583 463991 • Deputy

photo 2:  A day-boat tried this manoeuvre (a.k.a. voluntary decapitation) without opening the bridge. He hit his superstructure with a crunch as the swell lifted him. Not a great idea, most boaters think to check the tides beforehand; this would be quickest, easiest, and safest.

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If in any doubt then ask the Harbourmaster, he is around during the day, and available on 07958 754858 • Mobile  &   07583 463991 • Deputy

There are many people who have the bridge keys: the Harbourmaster, fishermen, the RNLI, many yachtsmen and other 'harbour people'.

both photos by Kenny Maule

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