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MPV Hirta is often seen off Dunbar. Did you ever wonder why she's here? Easily spotted, she's a military-looking vessel and all MPVs have a sharp slash of black/yellow colour down their sides. MPV Hirta is our newest fishery protection vessel. Built in Gdansk, Poland she entered service in 2008. She is 84 metres in length and has a gross tonnage of 2,181, with a crew of 17, top speed of 18 knots and is used mainly for offshore enforcement tasks.

Britain's sea fisheries have been protected by authority of Parliament for nearly 200 years, but in 1882 responsibility for Scottish waters was given to the Fishery Board for Scotland.

The first Board vessel was a former Royal Navy sailing cutter "Vigilant", which had worked for some years on protection tasks. Over the years, new ships were added to the fishery protection fleet. Currently Marine Scotland Compliance has three Marine Protection Vessels (MPVs):

Further info: https://www2.gov.scot/Topics/marine/Compliance/resources/Vessels

photo courtesy Marine Traffic

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