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Well-known local photographer, Fraser Stewart, has often contributed images to these Harbour Newsletters. He now has an exhibition: 'Faces of Dunbar', Oct. 16 - Nov. 10 at John Muir’s Birthplace, on the High Street. "This exhibition is a range of my photographic work of the many facets of Dunbar. It is a study of the diverse communities within a small coastal town. Dunbar is surrounded by beautiful nature and is a joy to explore and live in. Yet it is the people who provide the dynamic of the town, creating employment, starting up organisations and social groups. This exhibition captures all aspects of our unique community."

Since Fraser moved to Dunbar in 2010 he has "captured the moment" rather than composing photos. This photo illustrates a young girl modelling Jacqui Burke's wedding outfits in Cromwell Harbour area, someone said something amusing and she burst out laughing.

photo by Fraser Stewart

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