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Catch me if you can.... The two fish boxes above show two very different catches from Dunbar Harbour. At Dunbar harbour we are trying to roll back the plastic tide but we rely on everyone to be tidy. Plastic pollution is a human problem and thus can be solved only by we humans.

The health of our oceans is vital, please see: https://www.goesfoundation.com/  and especially 'Call to Action' www.goesfoundation.com/call-to-action/  Our harbourmaster, Quentin Dimmer, recently met with the GOES organisation which is based in Edinburgh.

Stopping the plastic tide is vital for the future health of our oceans and so is stopping the chemical tide. We can all make choices with the products that we purchase and some of the most toxic are actually cleaning products that we use in our homes, and personal care products such as cosmetics and sun-screen. The Global Oceanic Environmental Study (GOES Foundation) based in Edinburgh is advocating that we should all take a non-toxic approach to how we live: design out and ban all toxic chemicals, hazardous waste and plastics. Their website lists the most toxic of these chemicals and ones that must be avoided, not only for the health of the environment, but for your own health and wellbeing, especially the health of children. 

photo by Quentin Dimmer, FP page: @dunbarharbour

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