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The Harbour Trust has put together successful FLAG and Marine Scotland grant applications. Most of the allowable costs are expected to be grant-funded, leaving the Trust with less than £5,000 to find from its own funds.

Most of the cameras will be Hikvision 'Darkfighter' marine-grade, stainless-steel units to improve the effectiveness of the images and protect from the adverse conditions that we experience at the harbour.

Upgrading, improving and adding to the existing CCTV cameras means the final total will be 12 cameras in Cromwell, Victoria, the Maggie and the Battery area, surveying several directions. The cameras are aimed at the boats and harbour working areas.

Appreciation is given to the Dunbar Sailing Club and Barry Buglass for allowing their premises to be used for this project. CCTV signs will be posted around the harbour once Planning Permission has been granted.

photo by Kenny Maule

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