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Recently Davy, Rob, and Quentin 'plowtered aroon' in Cromwell (Old) Harbour at low tide. Someone parted company with their wellies! There is often a danger of getting stuck in mud so prepare with spreader-boards, a rope attached, and a mate with a (fully-charged) mobile phone! This photo shows how much danger you find so very close to help which may not be able to reach you. I know as I've been in a similar predicament, alone in Cromwell harbour. Fortunately "I wiz hingin' on like a daftie tae ma faithful wee boat" (and luckily no cameras present).

photo by Kenny Maule

Click <READ MORE> to see a more-serious incident. Conway Daily Post photo of a mud rescue at Conwy. The RNLI soon arrived to effect the rescue in time (phew!). "The tide was rising fast around them; by high tide there would have been metres of water in that location. They were truly stuck and there is no way they could have escaped unassisted." (gulp)


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