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What are they doing in our harbour? Well, they're fishing for sound (with a hydrophone) to hear fish, seals, waves etc. 
OOR_Scintilla are an Edinburgh-based experimental sound-art duo working across sound, music, performance and sculptural production.
There will be a Tragicom Collective exhibition of "Slugs and Snails", on 12th October 4pm at West Barns Arts, Old School, School Brae, starting at 1pm. OOR_Scintilla's performance will be at 4pm.
OOR_Scintilla work directly with objects and environments to explore the material poetics of sound, voice and place, emphasising physical forms of resonance, improvisation and sonic inhabitation as research into hybridised conditions - transmitted through audio works, performances and responsive installations/interventions.
OOR_Scintilla is presented by artists Louisa Love + Clive McLachlan Powell.
photo by Kenny Maule
Have any questions? Give us a call 01368 865 404