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RNLI: "Thanks for all the kind messages regarding our crew's appearance on 'Saving Lives at Sea' last night. For those unable to access the BBC iPlayer, here's our video of the 'shout' to rescue three children from a cave near the harbour last November."   https://www.facebook.com/dunbarlifeboat/videos/2360155564091883/

"The children - Chloe, Luke and Rachel - did exactly the right thing by calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard when they found themselves in trouble. Getting cut off by the tide contributes to a significant number of RNLI rescues every year and we encourage everyone to enjoy the coastline safely and advise to check weather and tides before you set out, wear appropriate clothing and footwear and make sure you have a charged mobile phone with you.
We're grateful to the children and their families for allowing their story to be told, helping us to spread such an important safety message.
While the programme rightly highlighted the skill and calmness under pressure shown by our helm, Gaz, and Becs and Jamie, it was a big team effort that day. Both our lifeboats were launched at the Coastguard's request and, as always, those that went afloat were supported by our dedicated shore crew volunteers who regularly remain at the station for the duration of a call-out to lend a hand when needed. It all helped contribute to a happy outcome."

photo courtesy RNLI

Children, please write an essay entitled: What did you do on your holidays?

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