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Can you spot the child on his way 'downnnnn' in this photo of our harbour mouth?

The coastguard is warning about the dangers of diving into harbours after a 12-year-old boy was injured at a harbour in Aberdeenshire. "What might have been a deep pool can become a shallow puddle just a few hours later and you don't know what's below the water. Please don't jump into the unknown."

Police have issued a stark and sombre warning over a popular controversial trend, after receiving multiple complaints over the last two weeks. Officers remind the public that there can be very tragic consequences of the adventurous craze, following "horrific injuries" and deaths happening in the last few years.

What is often called tombstoning - leaping into the water from harbour walls, cliffs or bridges - has led to more than 20 fatalities over the past decade and multiple injuries. Is your child safe?

Click "READ MORE" for a photo of many kids ignoring our harbour by-laws.

photos by Kenny Maule 


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