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The end of Boyne Pier at Cove Harbour has weakened and is now collapsing (as all sea walls do without expensive work). This would mean the end of commercial fishing from this bonny, wee harbour with its sandy beach 'fur the weans n' bairns'.

All our readers are aware of this problem as Dunbar's wave-bashed sea walls are under continual maintenance when funds allow.

Repairs at Cove are expected to cost £250,000, to grout the voids, rebuild the footing and 'haud it thegither, ken'. Just £50 buys a bag of grout, £20 buys an hour of a skilled craftsman's time. 

Answer: CRAB = Campaign for Repairs At Boyne

Please donate at http://www.coveharbour.co.uk/donations         https://www.facebook.com/PierPressure2018/ 

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photos by Ben Tindall of Cove


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