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  Every 2 years the Harbour Trust carries out a condition-survey of all the harbour walls using engineering consultant Arch Henderson. Following a detailed inspection by engineers, a defects schedule is drawn up together with plans, elevations and photos of every section of wall. From this information priority repairs are identified:

 Red - immediate   Yellow - as soon as possible  Green - continue to observe

This information is used to justify grant applications. Repairs to the walls are not cheap, over the last 7 years we have had 10 grants (mainly from Marine Scotland Fisheries Grants) amounting to a total of over £400,000. Grants from Historic Environment Scotland and Viridor have allowed us to carry out many individual repairs. Most of work was done by AG Thomsons who has a real commitment to the harbour. The 2019 report is due within the next few weeks. 

Information courtesy Robin Hamilton

Click READ MORE for a typical wall-crack, although the INVISIBLE cracks and voids are often more urgent: 'jings, crivens an' help ma boab!'

photo by Kenny Maule


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