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Moon: partial eclipse: the 'Half Blood' Lunar Eclipse of 2019, July 16th, photo at 22.30

The deepest part of the shadow is called the umbra. In today's eclipse, the moon is passing only partly into the umbra, so this will be a partial lunar eclipse. 

We still see the magical change of color as 65% of the full moon enters Earth's umbral shadow. It's difficult to predict the colour of an eclipsed moon because the condition of Earth's atmosphere affects it — but with recent volcanic activity spewing dust into the atmosphere, you can see the 'orange' penumbra, a 'half blood moon.'

Amazingly, it happened on the same day of the Apollo 11 liftoff, 16th July 1969, so 50 years later. A great way to celebrate.

photo by Kenny Maule

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