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Naturally you've all been avidly following previous installments of our of 'Tales of the Harbour Bridge'. The bridge, over the years, has developed some movement and chatter in the bearings. This has caused the Harbour Trust much concern because the bridge's condition is critical for boat-passage and visitors, and expensive to maintain. The bridge-shafts have eight bearings, four on each shaft, all having white-metal bearings, just like the big-ends on a giant crankshaft. In early-June, mechanics from AG Thomson inspected one of the bearings as recommended in the audit. There was no apparent wear on lining, or axle, and they managed to tighten the loose bearing cap. Then they released the other 'end' bearings, cleaned, re-greased, and re-tightened them; now they have some good news. "The motion is much-improved and the bridge should give many years service. The final two 'middle' bearings will be inspected when tides allow."

Future servicing will involve two-monthly re-greasing, re-tightening and hydraulic inspections. Yippee!

Please click "READ MORE" to see the bearings 'in situ'.

photos by Kenny Maule

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