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Spitfire is our only boat which was built here in Dunbar; at Wetherhead Boatbuilders in Cromwell Harbour boat-slip in 1974. She is named after the Spitfire, the famous WWII fighter, but a wee bit heavier at 20 tonnes. With a crew of three she fishes for prawns, between St. Abbs Head and the Isle of May, mainly during nighttime.

 Several generations of the Davies family were hard at work (mainly drinking tea, eating sandwiches and just gassing). "Dinnae fa' aff yer ladders, boys!"

Quiz: how many crew and family in this photo?       If you answered 4 then "You should've gone to Specsavers!"

Please click "READ MORE" to see Spitfire turning round.

photos by Kenny Maule


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