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Celebrated local author has 'Books for Sale and Signing'! (note: cash only). Roy will set up stall, 2--4pm, starting the first Saturday and Sunday in June until end of September at weekends, weather permitting, and except during other significant events.


  • A History Of Dunbar
  • Wingate Pasha: The Life Of General Sir F R Wingate
  • The Killing Fields Of Scotland
  • The Deil’s Ain: The Witch Hunt In Scotland
  • The White Rose & The Thorn Tree: A  Novel About The 1745 Jacobite Rebellion



  • Dunbar: A Famous Castle & The Story Of Black Agnes
  • Dunbar: An Ancient Royal Burgh
  • Dunbar: A Garrison Town & Casualties Of Three Wars
  • Dunbar: Three Harbours, Fishing & Sea Trade
  • Dunbar: A Kirk Chronicle
  • Dunbar: The Battles Of 1296 & 1650
  • Dunbar: Famous Visitors
  • Dunbar: The High Street Closes

Note: Cash Only Accepted

Roy also conducts foot tours of the High Street and the Harbours and gives talks to local history societies.  He has recently been historical adviser for the USA film company ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’. You can see Roy on TV (Sky) and again on steam TV in Britain soon.

(photo courtesy GWS Photograpy)

Have any questions? Give us a call 01368 865 404