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A huge heartfelt thank you to all the energetic volunteers from Big Blue Ocean cleanup, including primary school children, who were all at Dunbar Harbour. They picked up so much that the forklift was used to move it into storage. The litter they collected will be used as material for the Littoral Art project taking place during Civic Week. It is a real sad state of affairs that so much litter had to be cleared by volunteers, so we will be taking some measures over the next few months to address the littering behaviour in the first place.

Follow our Dunbar Harbour FB page for updates and in the meantime take a look at www.bigblueoceancleanup.org

A Message from Harbour Master Quentin Dimmer of Dunbar Harbour     

“Dear Harbour User,  As Harbour Master I write to ask that we no longer discard any waste material into the sea or onto the quaysides. The type of waste includes all single-use plastics, rope and net cuttings and any other waste material we find dumped in the harbour such as car batteries and please take away food and drink containers. It is time our community steps into the modern world and changes our behaviour for the better. On a number of occasions, I have discussed with the Harbour Management Committee about the environmental policy of DHT and the possibility of introducing fines, however before that becomes necessary your cooperation would be greatly appreciated by me and the wider community.”

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(photos courtesy Quentin Dimmer)


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