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While you were all watching TV the coastguards and RNLI were out on the slippery, dark rocks of Dunbar.


Reports of a missing person in Dunbar resulted in the Emergency Services being immediately alerted. Both Dunbar's lifeboats, inshore and offshore, several coastguard teams and a search-and-rescue helicopter were ‘scrambled’ after a call at about 9.40pm on Sunday May 19th.

They conducted a coastline search from the sea and over the rocks, by illuminating the area using several bright flares. Local persons heard the noisy launchings and saw these incandescent flares as they drifted over the East Beach area. The missing person susequently made themselves known to police, and the search finished near midnight.

Photo above, the Cox'n awaits the returning crew. The new ramp is already useful at low water.

Click “READ MORE” for the photo of the night recovery

(photos by Kenny Maule) 



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