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Robin Hamilton of the Harbour Trust has continued overseeing the harbour wall-repairs.

Robin is not the Smurf, by the way.





Where was the Marine Scotland Grant £107.5k grant used?

  • Underpinning toe of outer north wall at chainages. 
  • Repairs to basalt blocks on outer NW where sheared
  • Johnston’s Hole Repair. 
  • Lifting Bridge Audit complete awaiting report
  • Rock Armour for breakwater 150t delivered to site
  • Small repairs, mainly grouting,
  • Cromwell/Broadhaven/South-wall/Inner North-wall. 
  • Investigate NW quayside for voids Ch 150 to 162
  • Improve Cromwell paths
  • Electrical audit, Ladder and depth gauge repair

What was this meticulous Smurf looking for? Maybe a damaged block?   Click READ MORE below to find out.

photos by Kenny Maule

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