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Repairs to the North Wall continued from mid- to end-March using the Marine Scotland grant of £107.5k with the Trust's Robin Hamilton leading the project.

Tides during this period allowed access to the lower parts of the outer wall where there had been undermining. The swell determined how much could be achieved. As the tide came in, work moved onto the higher parts of the outer wall where the basalt blocks had sheared.

The plan made full use of the spider crane which was on hire and there were options if the weather changed. A.G. Thomson continued repairs to the undermining of the North Wall. Robin stated, "We were been fortunate in that the sea swell had been low sometimes, allowing work to progress unhindered. Each low tide repair involved 9 men from AGT. The amount of concrete used to underpin the toe of the outer wall was a total of 20 cubic metres, placed over 6 locations.

This vital work has been done by Kevin Thomson and his hard-working team during the last five weeks; not the easiest task but this will secure the protection of Dunbar Harbour for many years to come.

photos by Robin Hamilton

Minor repairs were also being carried out to Cromwell, the South Wall and inner North Wall.

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