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New storage facilities and improvements to the area of old seating under the Castle were submitted for Planning recently, following the project being awarded £58,600 from the EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund). 

Steven Anderson of the Harbour Trust is leading the project, which will greatly improve this currently under-utilised area of the harbour. The area is known as the Maggie (previously the Castle's magazine), and the additions will provide much-needed storage for equipment for fishermen and harbour users, including a new garage for the forklift truck.

The timber-clad facility, broken into six individual units, will include storage units and improve the general environment. There will be associated ground-works, access, seating, lighting and approach-area CCTV provision.

Funding for possible future artwork at the seating area would come from external organisations and the Harbour Trust.

Ground work is expected to start on-site in the spring and the project to be completed by the summer.

photo by Steven Anderson

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