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After reports of a lone paddle boarder in difficulty near Thorntonloch, UK Coastguard paged for the inshore (ILB) and all-weather (ALB) lifeboats at 3.55pm after a member of public raised the alarm and reached the scene around 4.15pm.  The crews spotted a person on rocks near Thorntonloch Beach and, with assistance from UK Coastguard teams from Dunbar and North Berwick and members of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, established this was the casualty, who had managed to make their own way to the shore. The paddle boarder, who had got into difficulties after being blown away from shore, did not require medical treatment.

A RNLI spokesman added: “If you see someone in danger or something of concern on the water, cliffs or shoreline call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

Photos: Ross McMullen

· Always tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back.

· Always carry a mobile phone or waterproof communication device.

· Check the weather forecast and tide times - they can change quickly.

· Avoid offshore winds.

· Always go with a friend.

· Wear a suitable personal flotation device.

· Wear suitable clothing for time of year.

· Wear your leash and hold onto your board - it will help you float.

· Consider other water users by learning the rights of way in the surf.

· Get the appropriate level of training.

Saturday’s shout was also notable as it was the first time crew member Alan Blair, an RNLI volunteer for nearly 17 years, was on a call out with his cousin Lewis Blair, who officially joined Dunbar Coastguard in January this year.

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