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Bob Clunas, much-loved mariner, is flitting north to live in Helmdale. Bob was harbourmaster in Dunbar, living here for 16 years. He latterly restored Marean his beautiful 'fifie', a herring-drifter built in 1959. Bob found her derelict in Amble in 2012 and then restored her. She is a boat with history, having been sucked through Corryvrecken whirlpool and later damaged by ice on the Forth-Clyde Canal. Marean has adorned Cromwell Harbour for 6 years now.

Originally Bob came from Orkney and he travelled a lot, even as far as South Georgia, where he would have felt at home as the local town is called Stromness! 

Did you ever see Bob make a creel? Even in a confined space, blindfold with one hand behind his back he can churn out creels by the dozen.

Bob will feel very much at home in Helmdale, where the wee harbour opens onto the North Sea. Sailing direct would be too easy, so he's going via the Forth-Clyde Canal, then the Caledonian Canal. Like Dunbar, Helmdale is subject to full gales on a spectacular coastline --- just what Bob is used to!

photos by Bob Clunas & Bob Fleet.

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