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From our Harbourmaster:

"Many thanks to those volunteers who turned up today to help check the chains. Unfortunately the tides were not as low as predicted so we checked as many chain plates and adjacent chain as possible. Only minor defects have been found so far. We do try to keep mooring costs as low as possible and therefore volunteers are a great help in achieving this. When the planned extension to the slipway is completed we are hoping that a JCB may be able to be brought into the harbour to allow more comprehensive checks of buried chain to be completed. Many thanks to the volunteers who turned up again the following morning to assist with some basic checks. It highlighted a few minor defects and jobs needing doing so I will be in contact again later in the year / New Year to see if anyone is able to come and assist completing the work. The plan is to systematically check all cross chains as well as the main and secondary chains and to keep a written record as well as photographic records of our findings.

Also a mooring committee meeting is due to take place within the next fortnight. There have been a couple of new vessel applications so we are going to have to be flexible in some cases with current mooring allocations. We will be in contact about this at the earliest opportunity to give plenty time to everyone concerned to readjust their mooring location, should it be deemed necessary by the moorings committee.

best regards,  Quentin"

Here's an old plan, to give you a general idea of the layout.

Have any questions? Give us a call 01368 865 404