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Last bike run of the 2018 season: started at Carfrae Mill on a damp day, ended at Dunbar Harbour dry and bright, via Ayton, Eyemouth, Coldingham; 22 bikes turned up from as far as Norham and another two from Inverkeithing.

Dunbar Sailing Club again made the clubhouse available and Marie-Florence again supplied tea, coffee and apple pie. It would seem that it was up to its usual standard and no complaints were recorded. Just as well, as a complainer risked getting hit on the head with a tray. It was a pleasure to see so many weel kent faces and some new ones also.

Nobody got lost, nobody broke down and only one rider fell off, but we won't go into that. The RNLI shop wishes to say "thank you" to the members for filling the lifeboat box with change. As they say: 'mony a mickle maks a muckle'.

PS: Craning-Out Day was completed successfully and thanks were passed on to all who were involved.

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