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Ross Edgley is SWIMMING round Britain! Margate-to-Margate, clockwise, a few miles every day.

In the middle of the night his supporting catamaran, 'Hecate',came in, and tied up alongside the Visitor's berth. UK strongman Ross Edgley, is on a mission to swim around the entirety of mainland Great Britain – all 2,000 miles of it; crashing coastline, unruly weather, the works.

On 1 June, he set off in a clockwise direction, swimming daily for six hours at a time. Ross will only stop to sleep on his support boat, from which he'll plot his route and vlog his progress. He plans to not touch shore until he arrives at London's Tower Bridge an estimated 100 days later; so far he's passing 115+ days.




He's a nice guy but a tad fatigued. He cannot come ashore until finished and is suffering from salt-tongue among other conditions.

Watch out for jellyfish!



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