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Andy Hodgson is not allowed to come ashore until he's finished circumnavigating the UK so he's anchored in Dunbar harbour for a rest. Phew!

Circumnavigating the British Isles by man-power alone is w​​​​​​​​​​​​​​idely regarded as one of the toughest ocean rowing endurance challenges on the planet. Until this year however, Andy had never set foot on a boat before but now has the goal of raising £10,000 for the RNLI and MIND.​ After a few days he'll be off to London, wind and weather allowing.




Until recently, Andy was what you would describe as your classic armchair adventurer. Admiring the tradition of British explorers, along with the odd trip mountaineering or surfing, whilst binge-ing on adventure travel documentaries.

"Always do when sober what you said you'd do when drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut". - Ernest Hemingway

"Rowing around Britain in a seven metre boat soon seemed like an almost impossible challenge but it was right on my doorstep. It's no longer all that easy to discover unexplored areas of our planet, these things have been done before but to test yourself in that environment is quite a basic desire for some of us, almost necessary. "

"I'm the first to admit that I had not allowed myself a lot of time to prepare and get to the start line. My first thought was how hard could it be? Turns out, hard... Really hard!"

Follow him: http://www.roundbritainrow.org/

Good luck, Andy!

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