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August 30th: Chiara, an Italian Scottish singer-songwriter living in Glasgow, saw the Dunbar Battery when in town visiting a friend and liked the space so much, she had to play there. Wow! The power of the Battery (pun intended!) Chiara has a UK wide tour in the Autumn: www.chiaraberardelli.com



Her new album, Seamonster, released on March 2nd 2018, is her most personal project to date, inspired by the loss of her dream of becoming a mother. The songs depict a journey, from the crashing realisation that something so longed for is permanently out of reach in the title track to the tentative beginnings of finding joy again in the song ‘Somewhere New’. The evening finished with a spectacular sunset., see the photo.

Chiara is planning a UK wide tour in the Autumn, see www.chiaraberardelli.com

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