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‘Homecoming’, a theatre production in our Battery took place on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd July. There were stories and songs, drawing inspiration from the Dunbar Battery’s history as a World War 1 hospital and its location close to the former Dunbar Barracks, through which thousands of men passed on their way to the Front.


The story of the Reverend James Kirk, the chaplain of Dunbar Parish Church who was the first chaplain to sign up in WW1. He served three tours of duty during which he wrote letters home to be read to his congregation. Rev Kirk was killed in April 1918 and never made it home to Dunbar however his memorial stone sits in Dunbar Parish Church. Both his contribution to the town and his personal story are little known today.

The production uses the story of Rev Kirk to explore the impact of the war on the people of Dunbar and beyond, not just on those who fought and returned but also on the families they left behind. The cast of three included Kirsten Maquire and Karen Dietz, both residents in Dunbar's 'old town'.  “The Homecoming” was truly outstanding, played in front of packed audiences, capturing all of what we dreamed about when putting the Dunbar Battery project together. There was not a microphone in sight too….just one lovely singing voice andgreat acting. The company received a wonderful reception, 'without a dry eye in the house'.

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